Infiltrate A Cult With The Church In The Darkness, Set For A Multiplatform Release

A Switch version is also announced.
The Church in the Darkness gets an August 2 release date for PC and consoles.
The Church in the Darkness gets an August 2 release date for PC and consoles. Paranoid Productions

The upcoming stealth action game The Church in the Darkness has finally gotten its release date after years of waiting. Developer Paranoid Productions has announced an August 2 release date for the cult infiltrating title. After being revealed back in 2016 through a hair-raising trailer, The Church in the Darkness will finally let you play through a toned-down survival action horror game with a plot that is highly reminiscent of the plot from Far Cry 5, albeit a bit scarier, of course.

The Church in the Darkness is set in the year 1977. With inspirations from real life events, the story revolves around The Collective Justice Mission which was formed in the wake of the Vietnam War. Led by the charismatic duo of Isaac and Rebecca Walker, the Collective Justice Mission is a socialist utopia based in the jungles of South America; far away from the prying eyes and persecution of the US government.

You are Vic, an ex-law enforcement officer that will infiltrate the group’s haven called Freedom Town. It is here where you need to search for your nephew, Alex, and find out what is exactly going on inside this compound in the jungle. The game is played with a top-down point of view and a vast environment to explore. You can choose how you will approach the game; either through pure stealth, dealing with foes in a non-lethal way, or just going in with guns blazing. Whatever you choose, it will have consequences.

While you are in Freedom Town, much of the story is unveiled through letters and documents scattered throughout the commune. Also, a PA system regularly booms out the doctrines of the Walkers for all of Freedom Town to hear. By the way, the charismatic leaders of the cult are voiced by Ellen McLain (GLaDOS from Portal) and John Patrick Lowrie (the Sniper from Team Fortress 2).

You can start making your own choices in-game, whether its to save your nephew or not or maybe even join the cult on August 2, 2019 once The Church in the Darkness releases for PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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