INDUSTRIA Update 1.2.0 Weapon Balancing, Save System Reworked, and More

INDUSTRIA Update 1.2.0
INDUSTRIA Update 1.2.0 Steam

INDUSTRIA recently received an update that featured weapons balancing, save systems reworks, and bug fixes.

Weapon Balancing

This update brings several balancing changes to weapons, hip-fire, and ammo, among others. The SMGs are hit the hardest with reduced damage per bullet and the maximum ammo capacity lowered to 32/32.

All other weapons received nerfs as well but are limited to decreased ammo capacity. So, use your ammo wisely because the patch also reduced the amount of ammo you can pick up. The new ammo capacity for these weapons is as follows:

  • Pistol: 12/24
  • Rifle: 4/8
  • Shotgun: 6/12

Save System Rework

The developers reworked the save system, which improves many of the issues it had previously. The new save system now correctly saves the doors, levers, planks, and supply crates. Players no longer have to worry about these things after saving each time. It is recommended to make a new save file because the older ones may not work with the reworked system.

INDUSTRIA Update 1.2.0

  • Fixed extreme white flashing artifacts in most interior spaces (inaccurate object occlusion)
  • Fixed Nora falling sounds
  • Fixed the hound ragdoll
  • Fixed the blue fog in lower shadow settings, and made shadow settings more consistent
  • Fixed some foliage lighting issues
  • Fixed an issue which prevented cloud saves being backed up
  • Fixed Rifle bug which make the weapon semi-automatic
  • Normalized several music tracks so they are more audible
  • Removed FOV horizontal clamping for Ultra Wide resolutions
  • Fixed Prophet footsteps not playing correctly
  • Fixed Hound footsteps not playing correctly
  • Added new Hound attack sounds
  • Fixed numerous light sources that caused player hands and physics objects to render black
  • Fixed various LOD meshes throughout
  • Added collision for tree meshes
  • Increased render distance for low shadows
  • Fixed supply crates not always awarding loot
  • Fixed various physical materials (for footsteps & impact sounds and effects)
  • Added a number of extra flashlight batteries
  • Hive Tanks now render correctly in RTX modes
  • Added occluders to windows and doors in apartments to improve readability and performance
  • Fixed numerous lamps that are off but show an illuminated lamp shade
  • Fixed inconsistencies with motion blur settings toggling on/off in various levels

You can read more about the update here.

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