Indie Action RPG 'Quote' Now Available Via Steam Early Access: Put Stupidity On A Throne And Scrub Knowledge Out

quote action indie rpg
Bring about ignorance and stupidity in indie action RPG 'Quote.' (c) Vindit

After opening alpha access for a brief period last year, Indie action RPG Quote is now available via Steam Early Access.

Early Access players will be able to play the first two hand-illustrated chapters of Quote , as well as a procedurally-generated Infinite Library endless adventure mode. Check out the Early Access launch trailer below:

Quote tasks players with “ridding the world of knowledge and bringing about an age of total, unquestioning stupidity,” paying tribute to writers such as Angela Carter, Ernest Hemingway and Jorge Luis Borges “by way of asking you to destroy everything they ever stood for.” Further inspiration includes “Vonnegut, Bradbury, Eco, Huxley and the surreal art of Hieronymus Bosch.”  

According to a press release, Quote features “fully-voiced narration, over 40 unlockable abilities and a compelling blend of action and deduction” that takes the player through “a dark, witty and explosive journey through a beautiful but ravaged world.”

As for the plot, what may have been absurd dystopia two years ago rings all too true in a world of alternative facts. A press release describes Quote ’s plot in more detail:

“Inspired by classic literature and surrealist art, Quote puts players in control of Novella, the high priestess of Bliss, god of Ignorance. She and her book-gobbling avian sidekick Tatters are on a crusade to scour all wisdom, learning and literature from the face of the planet. A world free from facts, truth and knowledge is, after all, a safe and happy world.”

The full version of Quote is due for release later this year with six hand-drawn chapters telling the tale of Novella’s journey to ignorance.

(It seems almost trite to note how art imitates life.)

Quote is currently on sale for a limited time to celebrate its Early Access launch and will be offering a 15% off discount until Feb. 7. For more information, check out Quote’s website here.

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