Spielberg To Direct Indiana Jones 5

Jesus, he's old. Paramount Pictures

I hate old stuff. Indiana Jones is a great character with some great movies under his belt, but it's done. Harrison Ford is 1,000 years old and he hates acting now. Let the guy enjoy retirement.

What are you going to do—make Indiana Jones CG? Like a rubber faced Tarkin? Or will you replace Indiana with some young asshole? Like Alden Ehrenreich, the kid Solo from Solo: A Star Wars Story, who's so bad at acting that Disney had to bring on an acting coach?

But it doesn't really matter how I feel. Indiana Jones 5 is happening. Steven Spielberg is simultaneously developing the project and remaking West Side Story.

If you want to make a sprawling adventure with a quippy devil-may-care hero, just make that, but call it something else. I'd watch that—no more revivals and no more retreads. You make a sequel when your story is incomplete, not because you’re Spielberg and you can. I don’t get excited by “your favorite character but older and less cool” gimmicks. I want to remember Indy as a wisecracker, not a doddering geriatric.

At any rate, Spielberg isn’t 100% committed to Indiana Jones 5 quite yet, but it’s something that has certainly been on his mind for a while now. It will get made, just not in the immediate future. And who knows, maybe I'm wrong and it'll be good.

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