Immortal Life: Update v0.5.06 Features Major Combat Improvements

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A new patch for the life simulator RPG Immortal Life is now available in the beta test branch. Update V0.5.06 implements major changes to the combat system, making it smoother and more streamlined.

Although Immortal Life has plenty of different aspects like mining and farming, it also features some combat. That said, Update V0.5.06 has made the battle system a lot better than before.

First, you no longer have to draw or sheathe your sword to activate/finish combat. Furthermore, it is now possible to attack or cast a spell while jumping, moving, climbing, or collecting items. This is a massive improvement considering that you don’t have to sheathe your sword anymore to do these things.

Additionally, you can now use the WASD keys to move your character. The two main mouse buttons also have specific functions now. Clicking the left mouse button initiates a normal attack, while the right mouse button is reserved for casting spells. In fact, a special menu has been implemented so that you can choose which spell you want to cast. To help you test the new spell menu, MP consumption for spells is reduced and spell cooldown is removed temporarily.

You can read the other changes in Update V0.5.06 beta below:

  • A new map area has been unlocked! After fixing the Lake Pier, you'll be able to visit Misty Valley Lake Island from the docks.
  • Yang asks you to recruit more people, and there’s someone you know that will love joining your clan — of course, we're talking about Mu Xia! Try recruiting her after completing Mrs. Ye's questline.
  • After Mu Xia joins the clan, you will unlock the Clan Kitchen! The New Cooking Mini Game is waiting for you with lots of new tools and dishes to unlock.
  • All these new recipes will be held by Mu Xia, so don't hesitate to ask her to teach you how to prepare them.
  • After unlocking the Clan Kitchen, you will unlock special dishes that Mu Xia prepared for everyone on the [Pickup Counter] every solar term.
  • After unlocking the Clan Kitchen, you can activate a special quest called [Help the Kitchen] every Solar Term to prepare dishes for everyone in the clan.
  • Yang learned a new trick. Ask him to make a Spirit Orb when you have enough materials.
  • The recipe menu has received several changes, including a beautiful preview in 3D of every piece of furniture available to unlock in the game.
  • We've increased the maximum number of characters for your cultivator's name.

Immortal Life Update V0.5.06 is available on PC.

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