Hydroneer Update 2.0.6 New Creative Item and Bug Fixes

Hydroneer Steam

Hydroneer recently received an update that added several new features and bug fixes. This is just a small update the developers wanted out before the Farming Update 2.1. So, keep an eye out for that if you are interested.

New Creative Item

This update introduces the new Creative Hard Hat. You can equip this hard hat to duplicate any item that is placed down to speed up the building process. It’s really useful and time-saving for those who like to build in creative mode.

Bug Fixes

This update made improvements to the Harvesters so that dirt chunks don’t get stuck in the machine. The Harvesters now produce better resources, thanks to pressure. You can expect more farming changes once the Farming Update arrives.

Hydroneer Update 2.0.6

New Features
  • Conveyor Splitter now has an alternate direction version.
  • Conveyor Merger Hook which allows items to be passed in a T shape.
  • New character jail-break outfit.
  • Dirt Chunks now have different textures depending on the tier they were dug from.
  • Pickaxe and Construction Hammer now also works by holding down LMB for repetitive strikes.
  • Holding CTRL (by default) reverses RTY direction.
  • New options for drop reticule.
  • Added new options for auto-save time intervals.
  • New Logic Lamp item.
  • New Logic multiply and divide items.
  • Store tooltips now appear in the vehicle store.
  • Windows hotbar item is no longer the default Unreal Engine icon.
  • New item description badges for vehicles and creative items.
  • Land claims can now be purchased for free in creative mode.
  • Gameplay options for toggle sprint/crouch.
  • Sound effects for opening/closing house doors.
  • Various vehicle improvements.
  • Moving far away from a dig site will no longer fudge collisions while machinery is running.
  • T2 Drills can now be placed pointing towards conveyor belts without clipping issues.
  • Big conveyor optimizations.
  • Major animation optimizations making large drill sites easier to run, as well as other items.
  • Logic weight reader no longer outputs with a comma when above a value of 999.
  • Logic weight reader now shows the input/output arrows correctly.
  • Fixed issue where Logic Smelter would not take damage.

You can read more about the update here.

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