Hydroneer: Prospecting Update Introduces New Ore Veins; Features Anvil Crafting Rework

Prospecting Update
Prospecting Update Steam

Hydroneer, the mining and base-building sandbox game developed by Foulball Hangover, has received a new content patch on Steam.

The Prospecting update introduced ore veins to Hydroneer. These are random zones on the map that produce a certain type of resource. You can find ore veins by using a prospecting helmet or the new Hydro Prospector vehicle.

In addition, the company reworked the Anvil’s crafting in this patch. Now, the anvil will show you exactly what items are required for you to craft some weapons and jewelry. Furthermore, the surface area of the anvil has been increased, so things won’t look cramped when you’re putting crafting materials on it.

Patch Notes

  • The Hydro Mole: a utility vehicle which can dig dirt terrain. Can be set to three different angles.
  • New Currency: Prospecting Guild Tokens
  • New tasks: Craft items for NPCs using the anvil to gain Prospecting Guild Tokens.
  • New store in the Bridgepour Harbour to spend these new tokens.
  • New "Main Story" Quest progression: “For The King!” With a secret new item reward for completion.
  • New Tier 3 Tools and Equipment:
  • Corestone Tools
  • Corestone Pipes
  • Corestone Drills and Harvesters.
  • Prospecting Helmet. Detects nearby ore veins depending on which direction the player is facing.
  • Hydro Prospector. A utility vehicle which can find nearby ore veins and prospects downwards to find what type of vein is under the ground.
  • Logic Saw Hook. Input a logic value to split resources to a certain size.
  • Gem Chisel, used to split gems.
  • Crafted weapon storage racks.
  • Steam Achievements.
  • All items can now be magnetized and conveyored
  • Tutorial accessible from the main menu.
  • The ESC menu now pauses time.
  • New voicelines.
  • "H" taskbar icon for the Hydroneer app.
  • Task notes will now display the location that NPC is located to return the item.
  • Shards are now slightly rarer
  • Cloutium is now slightly less rare.
  • Balanced prices of masterwork crafting recipes.
  • Doors close automatically.
  • Pipe Pressure can no longer be bypassed by using a lower tier of pipe and then using a booster back up to the pressure of the intake pipe. It'll now be capped by the maximum pressure of the weakest pipe in the line.
  • In creative mode, the Masterwork Forge can now be used without any resources.
  • Using a splitting tool (Saw/Cooking Knife/Chisel/Pickaxe) will only be able to split the intended use item, as well as currencies.
  • Complete foliage visual overhaul, including all grass, bushes and trees.
  • Bridgepour Harbour, Bastion Keep, and misc. world changes.
  • NPCs will no longer call female characters "Lad," will instead refer to them as "Lass."
  • Reduced the volume of crucibles and smelters when a large amount of ores enter.
  • Reduced the size of the Boot item.
  • Hydro truck now has visible windows.
  • New visual effects for the masterwork forge.

Hydroneer Prospecting update is available on PC.

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