Hunt: Showdown Update 1.10 Live on Test Server, Brings Stalker Beetle Consumable

Hunt: Showdown Update 1.10
Hunt: Showdown Update 1.10 Crytek

Hunt: Showdown, the PvE game by Crytek, just received a massive update yesterday, on the test server though. The update isn’t live on the main build just yet. Test server players can expect a new consumable item. It also brings balancing changes to traits, price adjustments for weapons, ammo, and consumables, and a ton of bug fixes.

The new consumable item is Stalker Beetle, a flying character with reconnaissance capabilities that can help players in different scenarios. The item will be controlled by the player in a first-person view. It will be unlocked by spending $45 at Bloodline Rank 15. Below are the details on how to activate and control the Stalker Beetle.

  • The Stalker Beetle is activated by throwing them anywhere similar to a dynamite stick or a decoy
  • Throwing the Beetle starts a transition into its own camera view
  • While the Beetle is alive, the controlling Hunter cannot move or perform any actions.
  • The Beetle’s camera is permanently using Dark Sight, but with a slightly increased view distance.
  • The Beetle’s Dark Sight will not consume Dark Sight Boost the Hunter might have and does not highlight enemy Hunters.
  • The Beetle has two control schemes:
    • Absolute (Default):
      • Movement input applies only horizontally.
      • Altitude can be changed via analogue triggers (controller) or dedicated buttons (keyboard).
    • Relative:
      • Movement input applies relative to the camera and changes altitude depending on orientation.
      • Altitude controls can be used for additional adjustments.
  • Stalker Beetles cannot land and stay airborne constantly.
  • The Beetle can be deactivated to return to the ground or detonated to cause a small explosion. Stalker Beetles will also be deactivated by the controlling Player receiving damage/dying, exposure to a Choke Cloud, or touching water.
    • The Player returns to their own perspective after deactivating the Beetle. Any Player can pick up a deactivated Stalker Beetle on the ground.
    • The explosion will cause 5 damage to Hunters, applies Poison, applies Medium Bleeding, and destroys objects like lamps and glass pane windows. Additionally, objects like traps and cranks will be triggered; barricaded doors and window shutters will be opened if the explosion is on the “correct” side.
  • The Beetle has a range of 150m. When it exceeds this distance, an “Out of Range” warning will be displayed with a 10 second countdown. The Beetle will be deactivated if the 10s expires while still out of range.
  • The Stalker Beetle is highly vulnerable and will die to a single bullet or melee attack. When killed, there is no explosion, and it is no longer able to be picked up.

Visit the Steam post for more information about balancing changes, bug fixes, and other improvements.

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