Experience Winemaking as Hundred Days Coming to Mobile This Fall

Do you have what it takes to succeed in this business?
Do you have what it takes to succeed in this business? Broken Arms Games

Ever wanted to know if you have the skills to make your own wine? Get your chances to know that in Hundred Days coming to Android and iOS this fall.

The game had previously been released on PC back in May of this year. It’s currently being offered at a 20% discount over at Steam.

Inspired by Real Life

In Hundred Days, players can try to become a winemaker and see if they have what it takes to succeed in the wine business. According to a statement by Broken Arms Games, this wine simulation game is inspired by the personal experience of their very own co-founder and lead designer Yves Hohler. That’s because, in addition to being a professional in the video game industry, Hohler had studied enology (which is the study of wine!) and later took over his family’s winemaking business.


The game features elements of traditional simulation time as well as resource management. Players, for example, must manage their vineyards by arranging important tasks on a limited grid space. Once the game gets into gear, players eventually realize that their choices do matter and that each move is affected by internal and external factors, which eventually determine their reputation.

Other details of Hundred Days are:

  • “Learn” the whole winemaking process and understand how important are the various factors and elements in making a highly rated bottle.
  • “Care” for the vineyard by cultivating different types of vine.
    • Learn more about soil quality and weather patterns that go into the stages like pruning, fertilization, and harvest.
  • ​“Hands-on” experimentation with cutting-edge winemaking techniques as well as tools.
    • Find the balance between skill and art.
  • ​“Manage” and grow the business, shape the sales strategy and apply marketing know-how to build a reputation in the industry.
  • “Adventure” and various modes allow players to experience long or shorter gameplay sessions.

Overall, Hundred Days is a tycoon game that offers a narrative twist. Whether familiar with the winemaking business or a total newbie, everyone can enjoy this upcoming mobile. Pre-order for the game is now available on the App Store for $5.99. Android users, meanwhile, can pre-register on the Google Play Store.

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