Humble Choice Games For February 2020 Announced

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The Humble Store recently revealed its Humble Choice games for February 2020. If you want to play tons of games for only a few dollars, then Humble Store has you covered. They are offering up to 12 games, including the famous survival strategy sim Frostpunk. The full list of games is mentioned below.

Humble Choice games for February 2020

To play these games, you need to subscribe to Humble Choice, it offers up to three tiers you can choose from. Although it is worth mentioning that if you had an active subscription when Humble Choice was introduced then you will get access to the Classic Plan. The Classic Plan costs $12 a month, or $132 a year, and gives you 10 of the 12 available games.

There are other plans that you can be a part of if you did not have a subscription when Humble Choice was introduced, namely the Premium Plan, the Humble Choice Tier, and the Lite Plan.

The Premium plan offers nine games a month for a small price of $20 a month. The Humble Choice Tier is the cheapest of them all, running only $15 a month, but it only offers three games. The Lite plan doesn’t include any games, but it comes with additional bonuses like store discounts.

Every Humble Choice lineup lasts for a month, so you don’t have to be hasty about claiming everything immediately. You can purchase the plan at the end of the period, too. If you don’t like the games offered this month then you can always wait for next month's lineup and subscribe to a plan then.

So what do you think? Are you interested in the Humble Choice free games for February? What would you like to see included in next month's games? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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