How ‘Legends’ Impacts ‘The Flash’ Season 3 Savitar Mystery

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Barry sent a message to Rip Hunter from 2056, but Jax and Professor Stein the recording in the Waverider. CW

The message future Barry Allen sent to Rip Hunter and the Legends from the year 2056 does relate to Savitar, Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg confirmed to Entertainment Weekly. The voice message will be addressed very soon on The Flash.

“Someone does point out that suddenly that message makes a lot of sense,” Kreisberg teased.

Barry sent a message to Rip Hunter from 2056, but Jax and Professor Stein the recording in the Waverider. Photo: CW

In Legends Of Tomorrow Season 2 episode 3, “Shogun,” Jax and Professor Stein discovered the message while searching through Rip Hunter’s secret weapons bunker after he disappeared in 1942. The full contents of the message were revealed to Green Arrow, Team Flash, Supergirl and the Legends in the “Invasion” crossover where all four DC TV shows came together to fight The Dominators.

The message reveal and the removal of Iris’ name from the Central City Citizen Newspaper happened around the same time. Because of the close timing with the “Invasion” event, it was unclear if the message referred to The Dominators or something else entirely. Now we know there’s more to the story.

In the message, Barry is referring to Flashpoint when he says he made a change while the Legends were in the temporal zone that affected both the past, present, and future. He tells Rip Hunter not to tell a single soul about the message, and that he shouldn’t trust anyone, not even Barry.

A war is coming Captain Hunter. And at some point you are going to be called back to Central City to fight it. So you need to know that while you and your team have been in the temporal zone, I made a choice that affected the timeline. As you know, whenever you alter the past those changes affect the present and get compounded in the future. When you return, you will be in the new timeline I created where everyone's past and everyones future has been effected, even yours. When you come back, don't trust anything or anyone, not even me.

After Green Arrow heard the message, he told Barry, “One sci-fi problem at a time. We can’t deal with it today,” and walked out of the room. Kreisberg’s statements confirm in the next few episodes, Barry and Team Flash are going to deal with the contents of that message.

The Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 finale wrapped up a huge Flash storyline when Black Flash killed Reverse-Flash. It’s quite possible other elements from Legends Season 2 will come into play in The Flash Season 3 finale. The message from 2056 was revealed to every hero in the Arrowverse, which suggests the consequences of Savitar could affect the multiverse and echo to other shows, just like Flashpoint did.

Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash have the most overlap in story arcs out of DC’s four CW shows because of the time-travel and multiverse elements. Since its the Legends job to protect the timeline, you’d think they’d be interested in protecting it from Barry Allen, who abuses his powers with selfish decisions.

While Barry might not be a killer like most villains the Legends face, he’s just as big of a threat to the timeline. Future Barry Allen’s message did say, “At some point, you will be called to fight.” While an appearance from the Waverider has not been confirmed, if the Legends do decide to pop over to The Flash, Barry needs another lecture from White Canary.

It’s also worth nothing Black Flash is slated to appear on both Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash. We have yet to see him on The Flash. It’s quite possible he could come into play in the next few episodes. It would certainly bring the Zoom storyline from The Flash Season 2 finale full circle. One theory says he could help Barry defeat Savitar.

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