Horizon Zero Dawn Remaster in Development for PS5 with Standalone Multiplayer – Rumor

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If you thought that the remake of The Last of Us was unnecessary, then boy, we have interesting news for you. A very convincing rumor floating around the internet claims that a remaster of Horizon Zero Dawn is currently in development.

Horizon Zero Dawn Remaster/Remake

The rumor suggests that Horizon Zero Dawn released back in 2017, is getting uplifted for PlayStation 5. The project is alleged to feature superior lighting system, animation, textures, and new character models similar to the sequel, Horizon Forbidden West.

The original report mentioned they don’t know if the new project will be a remake like TLOU Part 1 or a remaster like Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection. However, several other leakers and publications claimed that it is a remaster.

A Multiplayer Horizon Game

The report also mentioned that the previously rumored multiplayer game is real. The alleged MP game is being developed by Guerrilla Games for PS5 and PC. One source claimed that there will be some kind of co-op content. The customization will be around tribes already established in the Horizon series.

Need for a Remaster?

Horizon Zero Dawn is a gorgeous-looking game even if it's five years old. The original game received a positive reception but it’s far from perfect. The facial animation and voice acting were much criticized. The developer acknowledged these issues and drastically improved them in the sequel.

Zero Dawn may be a beautiful game, but it’s still no match to Forbidden West. A remaster could work if the visual fidelity and facial animation match or are better than that of the sequel.

We still think that a remaster is unnecessary, yet it’s much better than a full-fledged remake.

Possible Price Tag

What is more important than the remaster is how much Sony will charge for it. Players weren’t very pleased with the $70 price tag of The Last of Us Part 1, and that was a full-fledged remake. No way will fans go for a $70 remaster of a five-year-old game.

An upgrade path for existing owners must be made available. Otherwise, I think this project will be dead on arrival. There’s a good chance that this remaster is being developed for new players, who will come after watching the upcoming Horizon Netflix show.

So, what do you think? Are you interested in a remaster of Horizon Zero Dawn? Do you think Sony should remaster other games? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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