'Horizon Zero Dawn' BTS Videos Offer Inside Look At Guerrilla During HZD Development

Horizon Zero Dawn
Horizon Zero Dawn Photo: Sony / Guerrilla

Hot on the heels of the recent wave of Horizon Zero Dawn previews that popped up this week, Guerrilla Games published three new promotional videos for its upcoming open-world action game. The new clips aren’t meant to highlight new footage or information from Horizon Zero Dawn though. Instead, the three-part series gives players some small inkling of what Guerrilla went through to make Horizon Zero Dawn what it is today.

Each of the new behind-the-scenes videos run less than five minutes. It’s actually possible to watch the entire trilogy in just over 11. Along the way, Horizon Zero Dawn fans will get some idea of how Guerrilla transformed itself from a studio that builds great shooters into a studio capable of building something much larger. And decidedly less linear. The second video highlights the studio’s growth, since it turns out you need quite a few people on staff to create a memorable open world game in 2017.

The last video is the most game-focused, exploring creation of the game’s protagonist, Aloy, and even includes concept art showing previous versions of Horizon Zero Dawn ’s heroine. And by the time the whole series is over, you’ll be damn glad the game recently went gold.

For more on Horizon Zero Dawn , and some of the people responsible for its development, take a few minutes to watch the new BTS videos from Guerrilla. Then head down to the comments and let us know if you’re planning to explore Horizon Zero Dawn when it hits stores later this month.

Horizon Zero Dawn is in development for PlayStation 4. The game debuts Feb. 28.

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