Horizon Forbidden West DLC Teased by Lance Reddick

Horizon Forbidden West
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Horizon Forbidden West has been out for more than seven months, and the developer said no word about any expansion pack. Many players started thinking that the sequel won’t be getting any new major content as they did with Horizon Zero Dawn. Recent shenanigans on Twitter suggest otherwise.

Lance Reddick Hints at a DLC
Lance Reddick Hints at a DLC Twitter

Possible Expansion

Lance Reddick, who plays the role of the character Sylens, shared some interesting information on Twitter. In a now-deleted tweet, he said “Hard at work…in a session for #HorizonForbiddenWest!”

The fact that the post was deleted hints that Reddick wasn’t supposed to reveal that. This proves (kinda) that more Horizon Forbidden West related-content is in the works, and many fans are hoping for an expansion. Horizon Zero Dawn received a massive DLC called The Frozen Wilds, which added new enemies and expanded the story of the game. A DLC for Forbidden West will probably do the same.

Previous Hints

This isn’t the first time an actor of Forbidden West hinted at a DLC. In July, Peggy Vrijens, mo-cap actor for Aloy’s combat scenes, revealed on Instagram that she’s “ready for some mocap action.” She didn’t mention the game, but now we think it’s probably for the expansion.

Recent Leaks

An expansion won’t be the only Horizon content you may get in the future. A recent report claims that a remaster of Horizon Zero Dawn is being developed for PlayStation 5, with a Horizon multiplayer game for PS5 and PC. More information about it should be revealed soon.

It will be pretty funny if Reddick is doing motion capture not for any expansion but for the alleged remaster. However, the tweet did specifically mention Forbidden West. Many players will rather prefer new content over something older with just pretty graphics. We will have to wait and see to know what’s what.

Horizon Forbidden West was released on February 18 on PS4 and PS5. A PC port hasn’t been announced yet, but it was mentioned in last year’s Nvidia GeForce Leak.

So, what do you think? Are you interested in an expansion for Horizon Forbidden West? Are you more interested in the multiplayer game instead? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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