For Honor Title Update 2.18 Gives Unlimited Respawns To Attackers In Breach Mode

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For Honor post-launch support continues. The massive Title Update 2.18 was released recently and it makes drastic changes, especially in Breach mode. The update has changed how respawning works in Breach mode. Attackers will now have an unlimited number of respawns during Phase One and Two. However, Third Phase respawns will be limited and decided by Ram's health. Full Ram Health will grant you 22 respawns, half Ram health will give 15 respawns, and critical health will only give six respawns. Respawn time is also reduced to 20 seconds.

The update also made changes to the Guardian. Now, the Guardian will spawn in Phase Two at the 2:30 mark. His respawn timer is also changed to two and a half minutes, and he no longer throws Fire Flasks.

You can read about all the changes made in Breach mode below, to read the complete patch notes, click here.

For Honor 2.18 Patch Notes



  • Attacking Team no longer has a limited number of Respawns during phases 1 and 2
  • Ram Health will determine the number of Respawns awarded to Attackers during the transition to phase 3:
    • Full Health Ram = 22 Respawns
    • Half Health Ram = 15 Respawns
    • Critical Health Ram = 6 Respawns
  • Reduced respawn timings to 20s (+ 3s penalty for Executions) for all phases


  • Ram no longer heals after breaching through the Outer Gate
  • Slightly increased Ram movement speeds (default and boosted)
  • Reduced the docked Ram default charging speed to 40s (from 50s)
  • Reduced the docked Ram boosted charging speed to 12s (from 15s)
  • Reduced the Cauldron damage to the Ram to 750 health (from 900 health)
  • Reduced the War Banner shield applied to the Ram to 750 health (from 1200 health)


  • The state of the Ramparts for the current phase has been added to the top-right User Interface widget
  • Reduced the default capture time of an Archer Point to 30s (from 40s)
  • Reduced the boosted capture time of an Archer Point to 15s (from 20s)


  • The Guardian will now spawn 2:30 minutes after the beginning of phase 2
  • The Guardian will respawn 2:30 minutes after being killed
  • The Guardian will no longer throw “Fire Flasks”

Guardian Buff

  • Upon death the Guardian will bestow the following rewards on the killer and allies in a 15m radius:
    • Instant full health
    • 100% shield
    • Instant Revenge Activation
    • Infinite Stamina (2 minutes duration)
    • 1000% damage increase against Pikemen (2 minutes duration)
    • 50% damage reduction from Pikemen (2 minutes duration)
    • We added the Guardian Eyes Visual Effect to indicate that the Guardian Reward is active on a player
    • All Guardian buff modifiers are lost upon death

Custom Match

  • Removed the Number of Respawns from Custom Match Settings
  • Changed values for Respawn Speed options
    • Slow = 25s
    • Normal = 20s
    • Fast = 10s


  • The Breach tutorial video has been updated to reflect the gameplay changes mentioned above. The video will launch before entering Breach for the 1st time

Bug Fixes

  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Guardian fighting area to be too small in some maps
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