Homescapes Level Cheats: Beat Levels 24 And Beyond Without Using Boosters Or Hacks

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Has a level in Homescapes got you stumped? Check out our level cheats and walkthroughs for beating tricky levels like 24, 28, 38 without using boosters or hacks. iTunes

Homescapes is the latest match-three story game by the makers of Gardenscapes . For those who fell in love with Austin the Butler's quest to keep his employers mansion in tip-top condition, this latest adventure has him returning to the old family home to fix it up. Performing renovations requires solving puzzles and passing difficult levels, some of which can be so darn tricky you might be tempted to look for a hack or cheat that will give you more lives or boosters. Rest assured, though. Hacking Homescapes won’t be necessary to move forward. For some of the more difficult levels like level 24 and 28, 38 and 45 we’ve included some short video clip walkthroughs that show how we solved them without hacking or using any boosters. As we go deeper into the game, we’ll add more hints and tricks for beating the most difficult levels. We've also added a list of our best general tips and tricks to help you get past difficult levels without using any extra powerups or lives.

Homescapes Level Cheats: Tricks For Beating Difficult Levels


Homescapes Level 24 Solution

Homescapes Level 28 Solution

Homescapes Level 38 Solution

Homescapes Level 39 Solution

Homescapes Level 45 Solution


Homescapes Game Guide: General Tips And Tricks For Beating More Levels Without Using Boosters

  • Look out for combos - like most match 3 games, Homescapes rewards players with boosters when they combine more than three objects of the same kind together. In Homescapes we are introduced to several standard combos that will yield a nice powerup that can help you clear a lot more objects at once. The basic boosters are as follows:

    • Paper Airplane - combine four objects in a square to make a Paper airplane. A paper airplane will clear four objects around in a cross shape and then fly to a random spot on the board and clear a difficult item (ex: chains, jelly, etc.)

    • Rocket - This booster appears when you combine any four objects. A rocket will then clear a full row or column of objects, depending which direction the rocket is facing.

    • Bomb - you get one of these when you combine 5 or more objects at an intersecting point. A bomb will clear all the objects surrounding for three squares deep.

    • Disco ball - match five in a row to get this booster. Switch the disco ball with another object and it will clear every object of that kind on the board.

  • Try to get complex combos - sometimes you’ll have a couple of boosters near one another. Instead of deploying each separately, try to combine them together for an even more dramatic booster type. For example, by combining an airplane and a bomb, you get a booster that clears the normal airplane space but then clears a bomb size space wherever the airplane flies to.

  • Think before you click - there are a lot of times as you are playing that you might make a paper airplane or some other booster. Don’t automatically use it. Think about if it’s useful to you at the time or in its current position. If not, hold off.

  • Prioritize goals - the higher levels of Homescapes can be really challenging and if you aren’t prioritizing correctly, there are some levels that can be nearly impossible to beat. When you have a level with combined goals ( ex: clear 15 boxes, 10 red objects and 6 green objects), clearing the big obstacles should take priority over clearing specific items. For example, if you have some items that are in chains, clearing those chained items should take priority over getting all the blue objects you need. As you work to clear the chained items, there’s a good chance you’ll be clearing a lot of the colored items you need at the same time. If you avoid big obstacles like boxes, chained items or jello blocks till the end, you’ll have a very hard time getting past a level.

  • Use Coins Wisely - in my experience, it’s a bad idea to use your coins to continue a level unless you’ve really been struggling with it and know you can beat it within a couple more turns. For the same 900 coins you spend on giving yourself 5 more moved, you can have five more hearts of health. This is a better investment of your coins, in my opinion.

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