Hollow Knight Gets A Physical Release For PC, PS4, And Switch

Hollow Knight fans rejoice!
Fans rejoice as physical editions of Hollow Knight confirmed.
Fans rejoice as physical editions of Hollow Knight confirmed. Team Cherry

Developer Team Cherry has announced that Hollow Knight is, in fact, getting a physical release. Scheduled to launch sometime in May of this year, physical editions of Hollow Knight will be available for PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

Hollow Knight will soon be available in physical copies, which are still prized and valued by fans, despite the availability of digital downloads. Although these copies will not be out until late May, players can pre-order theirs right now. Team Cherry is offering players a choice between the Standard Edition, and the much more prestigious (and pricey) Collector’s Edition.

The Standard Edition of Hollow Knight comes with a physical edition of the game, which means cartridges for Switch, discs for PS4, and a DRM-free disc plus Steam key for PC. Bonuses with the Standard edition include a Player Manual, a fold-out map of Hallownest, and all of Hollow Knight's DLC. The Collector’s Edition, on the other hand, provides plenty of extras for Hollow Knight’s biggest fans, including gold foil art prints, a collector’s box, a Hollow Knight brooch and accompanying stand, and plenty more. Check it out on Fangamer and see what other boons Team Cherry is prepared to grant you.

Currently, Hollow Knight is available for digital download only. Fans on PC can download it from Steam, PS4 players can get it directly from the PlayStation Store, and for Switch users, it’s available for digital download on the Nintendo eShop.

As fans of the title know, Hollow Knight’s physical release was originally cancelled back in late 2018. Team Cherry explained that it was simply unable to cope with the demands as, back then, they were just a team of three people. Despite their temporary partnership with Skybound Games, the physical release was an undertaking that the trio couldn’t manage. Team Cherry did promise the community that it would explore other options. Thankfully, to the community’s appreciation and gratitude, Team Cherry kept its promise and announced that Hollow Knight will indeed be getting a physical release.

Since its launch two years ago, Hollow Knight has gained a loyal following of dedicated gamers. Fans of Hollow Knight have given it praise for its unique design and art direction, its innovative yet simple gameplay, and the hours upon hours of fun and adventure it holds for all kinds of players. Hollow Knight has received numerous awards and nominations from the top authorities in the gaming industry, and presents some truly fresh, original ideas.

Here at Player.One, we played Hollow Knight for hours, losing ourselves in its dark, endless dungeons. We’re big fans of the title, and we’re excited to place it proudly on our shelves beside other indie favorites like Supergiant Games’ breakaway hit Bastion and 2018’s indie masterpiece, Dead Cells. What about you? Will you be getting the Standard Edition of Hollow Knight’s physical release? Or will you grab the Collector’s Edition while you still can? Let us know in the comments section below!

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