Hitman’s Paris Mission, Holiday Pack Free For A Limited Time

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Hitman Holiday Pack
Hitman Holiday Pack Io Interactive

The second episode of Hitman: The Complete First Season will be free for several weeks as part of Io Interactive’s latest holiday celebration. The upcoming Hitman Holiday Pack will also reactivate the “Holiday Hoarders” mission released a year ago.

Beginning Dec. 15, the second episode of Hitman’s six-chapter first season will be free to download on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The game’s first episode also remains free on all platforms. Io says anyone who downloads the Hitman Holiday Pack will also have access to Escalation contracts set in Paris, the Paris Challenge Pack and can even unlock achievements tied to the French map. It will even grant access to Paris’ Elusive Target contracts when they’re reactivated in 2018. Anyone interested in the offer has until Jan. 5 to claim their free copy of the Holiday Pack. Io says anyone who decides to upgrade to the Game of the Year Edition will also be able to carryover their progress.

Hitman’s holiday expansion also brings back “Holiday Hoarders”, the Home Alone-inspired contract that sends Agent 47 after a pair of thieves trying to ruin Helmut Kruger’s Christmas. The holiday hit is far from the game’s toughest contract, but we’re big fans of the decor. It manages to give a unique feel to one of the most iconic environments from Hitman’s first season. And we’re not complaining if the studio would rather focus on whatever comes next for the series instead of dedicating time and resources to a unique holiday mission for 2017.

Claiming your copy of the Hitman Holiday Pack is pretty simple. If you already downloaded the Hitman prologue, use the in-game store to claim your copy of the Holiday Pack. If you haven’t downloaded the first episode, search “Hitman Holiday Pack” on PSN, Steam and/or Xbox Live.

Hitman: Game of the Year Edition is available on PS4, Xbox One, Windows and OS X.

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