'Hitman' Elusive Target 14 Is Live; Here's What We Know About Gabriel Santos

Hitman Photo: Square Enix

It’s going to be a few months before we see any follow-up to Hitman: The Complete First Season, even though we finally have confirmation that Season Two is currently in development, so you can only imagine how thankful we are that Io Interactive is still releasing new Elusive Target missions to keep the Hitman content coming during the wait.

If you aren’t familiar, Elusive Targets are optional missions, set on the same stages as the Hitman campaign, which task players with hunting a variety of hard-to-reach personalities. Some missions ask players to take out more than one target, many of whom are kept under close guard, and the usual ability to “save scum” your way through difficult scenarios is gone. They’re great challenges, particularly for those of us still desperate for more Hitman content, and quite possibly one of the best new features in any 2016 release.

The latest Elusive Target contract sends Agent 47 after a chef, Gabriel Santos, who can now be found preparing food in Paris. As usual, this week’s target will only be around for seven days and players won’t be able to restart the mission after completing an objective and/or killing a target. A successful elimination will count towards your total Elusive Targets completed. And now that Io Interactive has tweaked the reward system, there’s a good chance that taking down Santos will earn you something for a future contract.

Hitman is currently available for download on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Physical copies of the game, branded as Hitman: The Complete First Season , hit stores on Jan. 31, 2017.

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