Hitman 3 VR: Reloaded is Launching Exclusively for Meta Quest 3

Get ready for a new Hitman experience. IO Interacttive

IO Interactive, in partnership with XR Games, announced that they're releasing Hitman 3 VR: Reloaded exclusively for Meta Quest 3. This is a new VR version of Hitman 3.

What makes this version rather unique is that it was rebuilt from the ground up, especially for VR. This serves as a significant milestone in the franchise as it makes use of the power of Meta Quest 3 and offers unparalleled, untethered, and unrivalled VR experience.

A First

On new feature of this upcoming title that long-time fans of the series should be excited about is dual-wielding. That's right! For the first time in the Hitman series, players can now use two weapons, or even two items, at the same time. This should introduce a rather new dimension when it comes to the strategic gameplay.

Key Features

Other key features are:

  • A brand new cel-shaded art-style
    • Get to see Agent 47 in a whole new light with a stunning new cel-shaded visual style.
  • Enhanced Interactivity
    • Experience a new level of realism where interactive environments respond to each action.
  • Overhauled user interface
    • The UI for Hitman 3 has been completely redesigned for VR.
    • This ensures intuitive control and navigation.
  • Improved movement options
    • The game offers fluid and natural locomotion options.
    • It allows for easier than ever to navigate complex environments with speed and stealth.
  • Many more improvements throughout
    • From visual enhancements to refined gameplay mechanics, this may be the best Hitman VR experience to date.

Talking about this new game, Founder and CEO of XR Games Bobby Thandi shared in a statement that they're excited to partner with IO Interactive and release the title on Meta Quest 3. XR Games is based in Leeds, UK, and works closely with various AAA game studios, movie studios, and even IP holders, to bring their respective licenses to life in VR.

Thandi went on to say that they knew the players of the Hitman series want the absolute best when it comes to VR experience. As such, he added that it was only Meta Quest 3 that could power large environments, dense crowds, and sandbox gameplay.

No release date has been announced so far. Still, this is indeed exciting news. What do you think?

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