'Hill Climb Racing 2' Tips & Guide: How To Drive, Get Coins & Customize Your Ride On Android/iOS

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'Hill Climb Racing 2' is just as hard to master as its predecessor, so we've made a guide with helpful tips to get you started. Learn how to drive and get coins fast. 'Hill Climb Racing 2' is available now on Android and iOS. Fingersoft/YouTube

Hill Climb Racing 2 recently arrived on Android and iOS, so here’s a guide with some helpful tips to get you acquainted with the new game. Want to start smashing records and getting coins quickly? We’ll teach you how to drive and customize in the best way possible.

Driving Tips : Hill Climb Racing 2 is all about nailing the physics of the game, and they may differ strongly from other mobile racing games you’ve played. Everything is super floaty, so the basics can take some getting used to.

Reading Your RPMWith regard to the driving interface, your main focus is the RPM gauge. At the start of each race, there’s a green area that shows how much pressure you should be putting on the gas . Staying inside the line will reward a “perfect start.” The advantage is small, but it’s easy to do. The yellow number on the meter depends on the mode. For races it shows the distance to the finish line, and for Adventure it catalogs distance traveled.  

  • Resist every possible urge to put the pedal to the metal. The more hills you come across, the more you should be tapping on the brake. When you’re at the crest of a hill, let your vehicle coast down so everything stays stable.
  • The term brake is a bit of misnomer, it can also be used to go backwards as well.
  • If you’re airborne and your jeep starts flipping backward, let go of the gas and tap the brake to push your weight forward.
  • If your jeep pushes too far forward, hit the gas to pull yourself back.
  • To stick a landing, you want to adjust so that you’re coming down at the exact same angle as the hill you’re trying to hop over.
  • You can rack up air points for getting off the ground, but, if speed is your end goal, you probably shouldn’t. Stick close to the track if you want to win.
  • If you start to fall behind, prioritize adjustments over speed. If you crash, you lose. That penalty is not worth it.
  • Tricks don’t reward enough coins to matter much. Only bother with them if you’re seriously farming.
  • In Hill Climb Racing 2 the tracks are so short that fuel is pretty much a non factor in races.

Getting Coins : Unlike the original Hill Climb Racing, Hill Climb Racing 2 doesn’t give you lots of coins for playing through each course. Instead, you’re going to have to rely on timed chests that can be opened by spending gems or watching an ad. Here’s what we know about the coin hunt.

'Hill Climb Racing 2' Chests
Chests are your main reason to play 'Hill Climb Racing 2,' and they should be opened as quickly as possible. If you want lots of coins, get chests by winning. Photo: Fingersoft/Google Play
  • Chest slots are the reason to play, so you’ll want to always have one vacant. Open chests as quickly as possible within reason. That may mean watching an ad or two sometimes.
  • Chests and upgrades can sometimes be free. For chests you can occasionally tap them and they instantly open. Fee upgrades will display as such in the upgrade menu. Freebies are usually offered one per vehicle, so it may make sense to take advantage of them for only your most expensive rides.
  • While it’s not the best solution, coins can be farmed fairly well on the City course in Adventure mode. You may want to move toward unlocking that first.
  • This is when you might also want to try increasing air time and doing tricks.
  • Sometimes ads for chests can be skipped if you put your device to sleep right as the ad begins. This will likely be patched in an update.
  • Two chests don’t take up slots: the daily reward for winning 10 races and the blue chest that opens every six hours. Remember to redeem those 10-win bonuses!

Customization : Unlike its predecessor, Hill Climb Racing 2 focuses a lot on customization of early and late-game vehicles. Every upgrade matters in all statistics. There are four main categories to look out for, so let’s review them.

  • Engine: Engine upgrades are mostly focused on speed
  • Grip: How well you grip to tracks
  • Suspension: How stable the vehicle will behave at top speeds
  • AWD: More balanced power to stop tipping

You’ll want to focus on all of these elements when upgrading even your basic jeep with slight emphasis on suspension. While it’s not advised to concentrate too much on your starter, you might need better suspension to to be able to finish some tracks. Focus on your starter at the early bronze ranks, then invest in the Super Jeep or Motocross as soon as possible.

Hill Climb Racing 2 is available now on Android and iOS.

What are your tips for Hill Climb Racing 2? What are the best ways to get coins? Tell us in the comments section!

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