Highfleet Deus in Nobis: Update 1.13 Introduces Easy Mode, Implements Armor Rebalancing Changes

Highfleet: Deus in Nobis
Highfleet: Deus in Nobis Steam

MicroProse Software has released Update 1.13 for Highfleet: Deus in Nobis. It introduces a new easy mode and large armor rebalancing changes, among many others.

Highfleet is a 2D action-strategy game that requires careful planning and resource management. You will commandeer thousand-ton ships to fight in Gerat, the game’s main world.

That said, while the game can be won purely by developing your own plan of action, some people say that it is just too hard. Fortunately, the folks at MicroProse have introduced the new easy mode so that you can still enjoy the game the way the devs have intended, albeit a lot easier than before.

Aside from that, the developers have introduced several armor rebalancing changes, which means that some armor upgrades before the update may be more viable now.

If you have been playing the game in fullscreen mode, Alt-tabbing will no longer minimize the game window.

Patch Notes

  • Easy mode with free saves
  • Large rebalancing of armor
  • Numerous fixes related to missile interception and logic
  • Fixed crash during ship repair, after evacuation
  • Fixed a bug with the disappearance of transport in the player's squadron when meeting a missile and aircraft and the disappearance of transport after the death of an escort from missile strikes
  • Fixed a bug where missiles and planes did not attack single transport
  • Fixed a bug with explosions of objects on the map (for example, the explosion of an anti-missile and ballistic missile).
  • Fixed the logic of aircraft returning to aircraft carriers: correct direction, correct position on the deck.
  • The game no longer minimizes on ALT-TAB
  • An exploit in the editor has been fixed: when a module is attached to 2 hull parts, one could be removed and the module remained in place
  • The entire ship can no longer be rotated in the editor
  • Removing antennas by RMB
  • Fixed an error of incorrect operation of modules when connecting two large parts of the ship
  • Fixed an error occurred when attaching a ship to an object in the editor if it was rotated
  • Fixed entries in error.log when logging into Shipworks
  • The possibility of starting the landing of a non-flying ship has been excluded
  • Fixed a bug due to which when the last ship (flagship) hard landing, the game ended in defeat even if the flagship survived
  • Added one more, the lowest, level of graphics
  • Fixed a bug with calculating the time until the end of the repair in the presence of spare parts
  • Fixed a bug with instant repair of squadrons when they were connected
  • Fixed a bug in Yehuda's quest
  • Fixed a bug in the dialogue with admiral Wan
  • Fixed bugs in the Alsahir's Revenge event
  • Fixed a bug in the quest Matter of Honor
  • Fixed exploit with the final battle
  • Fixed a bug in the final briefing
  • Fixed a bug in the dialogue with the Steward
  • Fixed bug with buttons on the GAME OVER screen
  • Fixed a bug with the spawn of the Varyag in Khiva
  • The game cannot be unpaused in menus

Highfleet: Deus in Nobis Update 1.13 is now available on PC.

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