Hell Shuffle: Update 5 Introduces New Difficulties and Improvements

Hell Shuffle
Hell Shuffle Steam

Hell Shuffle is a combination of turn-based strategy and rogue-like deck building. This game allows you to choose one of three factions, create a deck, use various talents, set up a squad, and more.

The game recently received Update 5 that introduced new difficulty levels and improvements.

New Features

If Hell Shuffle is too easy for you, then the latest update might just change your mind. Experience the two new difficulty levels added to the game: Hard and Hell.

What can you expect when you set the difficulty higher? Well, the overall health of enemies and the damage they dish out are increased. Moreover, when the enemy hits you, you will gain two random curses out of the possible 12 (for Hard) or 18 (for Hell).

The user interface also received some improvements. For instance, a camera shake is added to up your gaming experience. Several cards received visual updates too, and bosses are now bigger, making them look more formidable.

Update Highlights

  • Fonts have been completely changed
  • Backgrounds art updated
  • Added many new visual effects
  • Changed the death animation to a new juicy one
  • The point where tokens clash with each other is adjusted
  • Cards in hand behavior changed to make it much easier to choose/read/play cards
  • Cards in hand now glow if you have enough mana to play it
  • Added a generic VFX that shows if the unit’s trigger triggered (for example, on Reflex)
  • Many effects that previously took too much time are faster now (for example, Minigun card)
  • Added music for each Act
  • Added several sounds here and there
  • Hero start HP reduced to 35
  • Most of the elite allies’ health increased by 10 to 20%
  • Status cards now proc at the end of the turn, so it is easier for you to manage it (Blood Boil and Poison)
  • Iron Maiden’s Boots
  • Life Router
  • Chalice of Summoning
  • Double Barrel
  • Arcane orb
  • Simulation Matrix
  • Unreliable Suppliers
  • Golden Complexion
  • Sapling
  • Sharpshooter
  • Huge Treant
  • Vengeful Angel
  • Northstar
    • Echos’ versions of Flurry chance to create a copy reduced to 30
  • Cult
    • Belch chance to proc increased
    • Mass Belch chance to proc reduced
  • Talents
    • Seraphim's chance to apply ward reduced to 30
    • Imp mother is now a low-level talent, but its stats reduced
    • Petrification no longer reduces healing at the end of the Act but reduces max health

The full patch notes can be found on the game’s official Steam page.

Hell Shuffle is available on PC.

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