Hell Let Loose Patch 17 Bug Fixes and Weapon Sway Changes

Hell Let Loose Patch 16
Hell Let Loose Patch 16 Steam

Hell Let Loose is a first-person shooter game that has a World War II setting. The developers just released Patch 17 and it’s a small update that fixed several issues in the game. However, the next update is going to be massive and the developers have already started working on it. So keep an eye out on the patch notes, if you are waiting for some major changes.


Players who use binoculars frequently might have faced an issue where the weapon sways around too much. Due to this issue, it gets really difficult to focus while shooting. The developers have removed weapon sway completely while using binoculars, which means a better focus on opponents.

Bug Fixes

This update also addressed an issue with Steam Overlay. Before the fix, a player was unable to join another or an invite if Steam Overlay was enabled. This issue has been fixed and should no longer be bothered by the overlay. Check out the other bugs fixed by this patch below.

Hell Let Loose Patch 17

  • Improved mobility of the US M4A1 Sherman Tank
  • Decreased the rate at which trucks decelerate allowing drivers more control over their speed
  • Increased the reload duration of the US Jumbo 75mm Sherman and Jumbo 76mm Sherman to 8 seconds
  • Smoother Tactical Map zooming
  • Adjusted hedge asset found throughout Carentan, Omaha, PHL, SMDMv2, SME and Utah
  • Adjusted Nameplate Occlusion fade-out behavior to reduce flickering in object-rich environments such as forests
  • Players will now be prompted if they attempt to leave a match before XP has been written to the server
Bug Fixes
  • FG42 bullets land lower than the crosshair
  • Trucks when ramming objects at speed can glitch their front bumper into the object
  • A number of client crashes
  • Remapped Leadership and Unit radio keys lose functionality once the player is in the "You have died" or the "Deployment" screen
  • FG42 x4 is not zeroed when shooting from 100m
  • Users joining a server mid map change via RCon may get stuck on a locked camera view of the map or a defunct deploy screen
  • Satchel can't damage or destroy Enemy Air Supply Drop upon detonation
  • During climb and vault animations the supplies are spinning in the player's hand.
  • Binoculars scope oddly jumps once when ADS
  • Receiving an inviterequest while on the deploy screen will block a player from accessing their loadouts.
  • Artillery experiences desynchronization when turning the gunner and loader at the same time.

You can read more about the update here.

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