Hearts of Iron IV Patch 1.12.7: Balancing Changes, AI Improvements, and More

Patch 1.12.6 Beta
Patch 1.12.6 Beta Twitter/@HOI_Game

Hearts of Iron IV, the strategy wargame by Paradox Development Studio, recently received a small patch. Patch 1.12.7 focuses heavily on balancing changes, especially on the Canadian National Focus Tree, but minor tweaks to AI and UI are made as well.

German and English random name possibilities have increased by almost 40% and 20%, respectively. The Engine 2 speed for Plane Designer is reduced from 530/480 to 480/450. Canadian focuses that grant army experience have increased significantly, while Australia has a new focus called Coordinate Central Bureau.

The rest of the changes are mentioned below.

  • Italian decisions Expand Regional Control in Ethiopian states no longer require any Ethiopian legitimacy value.
  • Canadian focus "Dollar-A-Year Men" now grants a national spirit with -33% political advisor cost. The exchange rate of dollars to political power is poor.
  • Canadian focus "Bits and Pieces Program" has gained an extra bit and piece, now granting 4% industrial and dockyard output, from 3%
  • Ships transferred as part of a Peace Conference action no longer have crew included: ship experience is reduced to 25% of what it was before the transfer
  • Australia has an additional shipyard focus. Each shipyard focus unlocks one of the naval designers, and naval designer traits are rebalanced.
  • All Australian focuses granting army experience now grant between 5 and 10 times more
  • Australian Arms Production focus now grants -10% infantry equipment build cost in addition to civilian factory conversion speed.
  • Warscore contribution from lend leasing fuel and equipment roughly tripled. Warscore malus from receiving lendlease remains unchanged for now.
  • Warscore from capturing a province for the first time increased to 4, from 3, Warscore from IC damage reduced by 20%
  • Mengkukuo now has a starting core on Ordos. This does not come with free Ixian technology.
  • Added one new Hungarian Focus to construct a new flagship, accelerating potential naval growth a bit. Admiral Horthy can now complete his transcendence.
  • Added a late-game resource prospecting decision for tapping the Derna oilfield in North Transylvania.
  • Added a Hungarian Focus for restarting the shipping industry, adding 3 dockyards in a coastal state
  • Canadian Focus "Retool Angus Shops" now grants 2 military factories, from 1
  • Canadian Focus "United Shipyards" now grants 4 dockyards, from 3
  • Canadian Focus "Maritime Colonial Railway" now grants 2 Civilian Factories, from 1
  • Canadian Focus "Defense of Canada Regulations" now takes 35 days, from 70
  • Rebalanced values for the "Sky Supplies" career profile medal to make it in line with new transport planes supply capabilities.
  • Fix Career Profile Awards view for mod achievements in case of long texts
  • AI now puts more weight on advisor competence rather than advisor cheapness, contrary to modern business practices.
  • Fixed bug where AI gave super high score to the max_command_power and uncategorized modifiers while hiring advisors

Read more about Hearts of Iron IV Patch 1.12.7, including modding changes and bug fixes, on Steam.

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