Hearts of Iron IV January 17 Patch: Balancing Changes, UI Tweaks, AI Improvements, and More

Hearts of Iron IV Update 1.12.3
Hearts of Iron IV Update 1.12.3 Steam

Hearts of Iron IV, the strategy wargame by Paradox Interactive, received another patch hours ago. The patch isn’t heavy on content but it does bring a plethora of balancing changes. Tweaks to UI and Modding are made as well, with AI also improved. Several dozen bugs were squashed too.

You can read the highlights below.

  • Equipment variants created through focuses etc. will be created first when the technology they are based on is researched, if it's missing.
  • Tank Design: Radio modules curve slightly changed, overall efficacy of radios reduced slightly
  • Tank Design: Close Support Gun now has 10 piercing, from 12.
  • Tank Design: Heavy Machine Gun now has 8 soft attack from 5, and 6 piercing from 10
  • Tank Design: Secondary Cannon and HMG now have fewer drawbacks but higher production cost. HMG soft attack now 4, from 3, but hard attack removed
  • Tank Design: Additional Machine guns soft attack reduced to 1, from 2
  • Tank Design: Easy Maintenance module now reduces total build cost by 5%, but requires 30 XP, from 10
  • Tank Design: Expanded Fuel Tanks now cost 1 IC, from 2
  • Tank Design: Sloped Armor now increases armor by 25%, from 20
  • Tank Design: Medium One-Man Turret now has 8 breakthrough, from 10, and reduces soft and hard attack by 10%, from 25%
  • Tank Design: Three-Man Turret now has 24 breakthrough, from 20
  • Tank Design: Torsion Bar now grants 15% reliability, from 10%
  • Tank Design: Interleaved Road Wheels no longer reduces reliability, but has doubled production cost
  • New variants received from auto-upgrades, focuses, events etc. are now highlighted in the production tab like variants received from research.
  • In research screen for modular equipment (tank, ship, plane), stop showing a diff in stats when there is no design company attached
  • Improved Tank tech tree layout
  • Soviet Union no longer desires to be best buddies with Romania despite being instructed to ignore them for a while
  • AI weights on hiring advisors now makes more sense. You should see a better split between political advisors & research bureaus, and the AI no longer saves all PP for hiring chiefs at the exclusion of all else. [This has a pretty radical effect on early AI build-up, thus there may be some imbalance in the early game in this open beta - feedback especially welcome]
  • AI have a higher weight on Captain of Industry advisors pre-1939
  • AI military spirit selection is less deterministic
  • Added portraits for political advisors in Spain and Portugal

The complete patch notes of Hearts of Iron IV January 17 Patch is available on Steam.

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