Hearthstone Adds Quilboar as New Minion Type to Battlegrounds in Patch 20.2

Prepare to meet a new minion.
Prepare to meet a new minion. Blizzard

Hearthstone released patch 20.2 which brings changes in Battlegrounds. The biggest is likely the addition of Quilboar as a new minion type. Of course, there are the usual adjustments and balancing changes. Overall, players can expect 17 new minions, three new heroes, and a new mechanic.

Now even with Quilboar added, each Battlegrounds game remains to be limited to five minion types. That means three minion types are excluded from each game. In addition, similar to what happened when new minion types were added, Quilboar is going to show up in every Battlegrounds match until the next major content patch is released.

Blood Gems

Patch 20.2 introduces a new mechanic known as Blood Gems. These are spells that give a friendly minion +1/+1. Some Quilboar gives players Blood Gems while others have special interactions when Blood Gems is in play.

Razorfen Geomancer, for example, has the ability “Battlecry: Gain a Blood Gem.” On the other hand, Bristleback Brute has an ability which states: “The first Blood Gem played on this each turn gives an extra +3/+3.”

New Heroes

As mentioned, there are three new heroes ready to make their mark in the game and these are:

  • Death Speaker Blackthorn
    • Bloodbound [Passive]
      • After you upgrade Bob's Tavern, gain 2 Blood Gems.
  • Vol’jin
    • Spirit Swap [Costs 0]
      • Choose two minions. Swap their stats.
  • Xyrella
    • See the Light [Costs 2]
      • Choose a minion in Bob's Tavern to add to your hand. Set its stats to 2.

New Minions

Besides, Razorfen Geomancer and Bristleback Brute, the other minions arriving in the game are:

  • Sun-Bacon Relaxer
  • Roadboar
  • Tough Tusk
  • Prophet of the Boar
  • Bannerboar
  • Thorncaller
  • Necrolyte
  • Dynamic Duo
  • Bonker
  • Groundshaker
  • Bristleback Knight
  • Aggem Thorncurse
  • Agamaggan, The Great Boar
  • Charlga
  • Captain Flat Tusk

Other Additions

The new patch adds Diamond Ragnaros to the Tavern. Players can get the Diamond Ragnaros by finishing the Classic Legendary Collector 5/5 achievement. Players that already completed and claimed the achievement must reclaim it if they want to get the elemental.

Another interest is the new progression achievement called Tavern Regular. This one tracks the total reward track levels earned by players on their account across all the reward tracks from each expansion. Completing each tier of the achievement rewards players with a choice from 1 of 10 new Hero skins.

You can read everything that arrived with the new patch here.

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