Haven Sweet Little Things: New Update Unlocks Two New Costumes, Introduces the Meloglide

Haven: Sweet Little Things
Haven: Sweet Little Things Steam

They say that love conquers all, and that is the theme of Haven: Sweet Little Things. The story revolves around two lovers - Yu and Kay - as they roam around the planet and remove the things that ail it. This game is made by indie developer Game Bakers, and while it is not an action-packed RPG like its counterparts, some may love it for its more laid-back approach.

That said, a new update has been released on all platforms that brought really nice features and improvements, including a new concept art gallery and the Meloglide.

New Features

One of the most unique things in Haven: Sweet Little Things is that you can roam around the planet by gliding. As things can get monotonous after some time, the developers thought of adding music to spice things up. So, introduced the new Meloglide that allows you to play the original soundtrack while exploring the world or just chilling inside the base.

Also, two new outfits are added for the lovers. These are the “Streetwear” and “Top/Truth.” They will be available once you've finished the game.


Back then, crafting items can only be done one at a time. Now, you can craft multiple items at once in this patch.

Aside from that, saved games do not provide a lot of information in the past. Now, you will know where your last saved location is and about your current progression, including when the parts and equipment you’ve collected thus far.

Patch Notes - Highlights

  • A Meloglide to listen to the game music of your choice while roaming or hanging out in the Nest
  • A gallery to discover artworks and concept art from the making of the game, they unlock during the game
  • Alternative kiss animation
  • Load save menu now shows your progression in terms of ship parts and equipment
  • Multiple capsules can now be crafted at once
  • Added more sounds and visual effects to several menus
  • Fixed main menu music stuttering sometimes
  • Fixed the scrolling behavior in the settings menu
  • Fixed a dialog about the slugs dividing into two. They now do.
  • Fixed a music overlap problem when exiting camping
  • Fixed several typos in some texts and dialogs

Haven: Sweet Little Things September 30 Update is now available on PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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