New Han Solo Trailer May Arrive Monday, But Faces Muted Enthusiasm

I gotta bad feeling about North Korea Lucasfilm

Full disclosure: even if I had every reason to believe the upcoming Han Solo standalone film will be the best movie since Mac and Me (it’s the better E.T.), I still wouldn’t be excited. Han comes right under Darth Vader in the list of characters that are absolutely made less cool the more you know about them.I don’t want to see the first time he met Chewbacca. I don’t want to know where he got his vest. I don’t give a shit who his parents are or what they do, or the first time he got his heart broken etc. He’s a space pirate that smuggles shit with his cool ship and his dog-bear co-pilot. That’s all I need. But here we are. And just two days from the rumored drop of the first trailer for the upcoming movie, the word on the street, from YouTube channel Mr Sunday Movies' The Weekly Planet show, is it’s going to be a steaming mess.

Initially, fans were worried when Phil Lord and Chris Miller got the axe, but if you were like me when you found out why you sorta understood. Improv? Ace Ventura? Fair enough, Disney. But then Ron Howard jumped on board, and I like Howard just fine, but the last thing a Han Solo prequel film needs is a milquetoast director for hire. If you’re gonna make a Star Wars prequel interesting, you gotta have some edge, take some risks. Howard doesn't scream risks. Even still, a flat, toothless Star Wars movie is still a Star Wars movie. Rogue One was a pandering mess and I saw it three times because I miss my wife—also Star Wars! But friends, apparently it’s worse than that. The Hollywood Reporter claims  Alden Ehrenreich reportedly isn’t the best actor and has been exhibiting standoffish behavior on set. that Lucasfilm were not happy with Ehrenreich's performance so they brought on an acting coach.  Moreover, Disney knows they've got a dud on their hands and they're bracing themselves for the worst. I’m sure Kahtleen Kennedy and CO. are extra cautious after the unexpected backlash of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.  

Take all of this with a grain of salt obviously, but also who cares it’s just a movie. A shitty, boring movie that no one asked for.


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