H2K's Forgiven Leaves EU LCS To Join Greek Army

forgiven h2k
Forgiven will most likely be leaving H2K after tomorrow. Riot Games

After today’s hyped game between H2K and Fnatic, Forgiven shocked everyone . In the post-game interview, he announced that he must return to Greece for active military duty.

Forgiven got the news this morning in a letter, and tomorrow might be his last game in competitive League . Nobody had heard about this beforehand, and even the analysts were shocked. This is a huge blow to H2K, the number one team in the EU LCS. They lost Ryu, their mid laner, for a few weeks and just got him back. Now, they lose their star player, which devastates not only H2K, but the whole League of Legends competitive scene as well.

This is not the first time Forgiven has been forced to stop playing in the LCS. In 2014, he was benched by Copenhagen Wolves for “attitude problems” and couldn’t play for the entire Summer Split. In July 2015 , he was suspended for four games due to toxic behavior. He had prior warnings by Riot in, so they had to suspend him. My heart goes out to Forgiven, and I wish him and H2K the best of luck, whatever happens.

Update: Forgiven has released a statement on Facebook.


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