Gunfire Reborn Summer Update: New Hero, Bug Fixes, and More

Gunfire Reborn
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Gunfire Reborn recently received a new update that introduced the first female hero into the game and also fixed tons of bugs.

The first female hero, Tao, is a master of the sword. She can concentrate all her energy into petals, which can deal hidden injuries to her opponents. Her primary skill, Swords Out, allows her to unsheathe multiple flying swords that deal 200 damage each. Her secondary skill, Fatal Bloom, allows Tao to summon petals that explode, marking all enemies and dealing 400 damage.

Gunfire Reborn Summer Update

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the models of [Qing Yan] and [Lei Luo] are too vague in the hero selection
  • Fixed the incorrect data in [Qing Yan]'s ascension [Last Stand]
  • Fixed an issue where the cooldown of the primary skill may not work as intended when using [Ao Bai] or [Qing Yan] with the occult scroll [Energy Storage]
  • Fixed an issue where the model of downed [Lei Luo] is not translucent
  • Fixed the abnormal amount of armor recovery with [Qing Yan]'s ascension [Regen Hit]
  • Fixed an issue where the [Crown Prince]'s smoke grenades generated by [Acidominance - Lv.3] are not functioning.
  • Fixed an issue where the [chain lightning] caused by the ascension [Lightning Governor] would falsely receive DMG bonus when [Lei Luo] carries the scroll [No Retreat] with secondary skill count not being 0
  • Fixed an issue where the mark could float in the air when marking [Golem] with some weapons
  • Fixed an issue with the weapon [Talisman] only attacking the weak spots on the left of the [Yoruhime-Maru] (In the phase of main-cannon attacks)
  • Fixed an issue with the weapon [Double Caliber] recovering four ammo under certain circumstances
  • Fixed an issue with [Argus] where the number of bullet holes is inconsistent with the actual number of projectiles when hitting barriers
  • Fixed inconsistent charging sound with the animation of [Pupil]
  • Fixed abnormal reloading animation of [Hell] under certain circumstances
  • Fixed the abnormal rotation of the model of [Hell] when dropped
  • Fixed an issue where activating dual-wield would putting down the hero’s left hand twice when equipped with the weapon [Hell]

You can read more about the update here.

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