Gunfire Reborn: Three New Spiritual Blessings Added in Latest Update

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Duoyi Games released a new update for Gunfire Reborn that you’d want to check out immediately. That’s because this patch introduces new Spiritual Blessings that can give you an easier time when playing at the hardest difficulty level.

For those who are not up to speed, Spiritual Blessings in Gunfire Reborn are buffs that can only be used in Reincarnation difficulty, currently the hardest difficulty setting in the game.

That said, three new Spiritual Blessings have been added in the latest update, with the first one being Counterviolence. This buff improves your crit multiplier by one. Besides that, your weapon damage has a 50% chance to become a critical hit.

Another new Spiritual Blessing is called Skilled Trick. This increases your Lucky Shot chance by 20% for 10 seconds every time you use your weapon skill. Lucky Shot in this game just refers to your weapon damage multiplied by a certain amount depending on your Lucky Shot chance. Being able to deal more damage in the hardest difficulty in the game helps, especially when facing bosses.

The last Spiritual Blessing of the bunch is Armed Caster, which increases your skill damage by 50% for every 1x CritX of your held weapon. So, if you’re using a weapon with a naturally high crit multiplier, then using Armed Caster is a good option.

This update implements a significant change to Spiritual Assault as well. You are now immune to all damage and crowd control effects when interacting with the Peddler, Craftsman, and Mysterious Chest.


  • Ultimate Firearm
    • Old: There's a 75% chance to drop an [enhanced] weapon
    • New: There's a 75% chance to drop an [Enhanced] weapon with at least 1 Exclusive Inscription.
  • Painkiller
    • Old: Obtain a random elemental effect upon dealing DMG, and convert all negative Elemental Effects applied to the hero to bonus with opposite effects.
    • New: When inflicting an Elemental Effect to the enemy, there is a 100% chance to inflict all Elemental Effects (CD: 2s). Convert all negative Elemental Effects applied to the hero to bonus with opposite effects.
  • Get ready before the Challenge Event starts. EXP, copper, buns and other rewards can be obtained during the challenge. Extra scrolls can be obtained when the challenge is successful. However there will be no punishment for failing the challenge.
  • Some rewards will drop nearby the player as the crystal loot when the challenge is finished.
    • [Dragon Treasure]: A [Dragon Qian] that run around in the field will spawn. Defeat it to win the challenge.
    • [Dragon Hunt]: Multiple [Dragon Qian] will spawn and run around in the field. Defeat certain amount of [Dragon Qian] to win the challenge.

So, what can you say about the new Spiritual Blessings in Gunfire Reborn?

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