Gunfire Reborn Adds Interdependent Fortunes to Bizarre Dream in Latest Update

Gunfire Reborn
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Gunfire Reborn has gotten more challenging in the latest update. That’s because a new gameplay option called Interdependent Fortunes is added to Bizarre Dream.

For the uninitiated, Bizarre Dream in Gunfire Reborn offers players a set of optional modifiers that are only accessible when playing on Reincarnation difficulty, the game’s hardest difficulty level at the moment.

That said, Interdependent Fortunes is a new gameplay option where players can select up to four Occult Scrolls in the starting stage of Anxi Desert. Here’s the catch: enemies will also benefit from the effects of the scrolls players have selected.

With this in mind, players should be careful of which Occult Scrolls they will choose. Otherwise, they run the risk of making the enemies way too hard to defeat.

Interdependent Fortunes
Interdependent Fortunes Twitter/@GunfireReborn

Here are some of the Occult Scroll effects available to enemies:

  • Deflection Shield
    • -50% DMG taken from enemies over 15m away, +50% DMG taken from enemies within 15m away.
  • Flesh and Bones
    • Convert all Shield/Armor to HP and recover 3% max HP/s. (Effects on elite enemy are reduced by 80%)
  • Lifesaver
    • When HP is reduced to 0, HP is fixed at 1 for 1s. Each time of dealing DMG on enemies within this duration will recover 10% Max HP and 10% Max Shield/Armor. This effect will only trigger once.
  • Resolute
    • +50% Movement Speed and +25% DMG when your Shield/Armor is 0. Doubles the time a shield rests before recharging.
  • Gold Medal
    • Recover 3% Max Shield/Armor in each DMG inflicted on players (Effects on elite enemy are reduced by 80%).
  • Strategic Advantage
    • +40% Movement Speed for 3s after each attack.
  • Safety Measures
    • Dealing DMG within 0.5s upon a DMG taking, can restore 20% of the total HP (Health + Shield/Armor) lost from the damage taken.
  • Mutual Respect
    • Grants +5% DMG and -3% DMG taken to monster itself for every [Mutual Respect] itself and the nearby monster(s) own.
  • Capacity Overdraft
    • -70% Attack Interval, dealing 5% True DMG (Current HP+Shield/ Armor)to monster itself in each missing attack, this effect will not knock you down.
  • Resilient Life
    • After taking DMG, restore 3% HP per second for 5s (Effects on elite enemy are reduced by 25%).
  • Extravagant Consumption
    • 50% chance to drop 1 coppers when inflicting DMG. +20% DMG taken after dropping copper, up to 5 stacks (Can trigger at most once every 3 seconds)

So, what can you say about Interdependent Fortunes in Gunfire Reborn?

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