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The Guild 3 has received the "Home Sweet Home" update, which added new features and some balancing changes.

In the Home Sweet Home update, there are tons of new features, like a new training system where the player’s family members can train their attributes inside their residence. There are also changes in the animation of workers. Each worker now has a different work animation. Every worker gets a distinct work behavior that lets them walk and do stuff in workplaces using various sequences.

Additionally, a major change that players have to watch out for is breaking an alliance with another dynasty. Doing so may lead to a more severe and long-lasting impact on the player’s reputation with the target dynasty.

The Guild 3 Home Sweet Home Update

New Features
  • Characters who enter a building are walking all the way from the street connection point to the building's main door. If a character is riding a horse or is using a cart, then the horse or the cart becomes invisible as soon as entering the exterior; we decided to do so because before we changed that, we constantly saw the horse carts of the transporters waltz over the workers in the building's exteriors
  • The layout, kind of furniture, and lighting of the interiors depends on the level of the residence: the interior of a cottage is poor and dirty, while the interior of a mansion is pompous.
  • Additionally, even within the same residence level, the furniture of the interior depends on the look of the building itself; cottage number 1 has a different interior than cottage number 2, etc.
  • Family Life: Family members who are inside your residence with nothing to do will start after a short period doing things like cooking, cleaning the house, eating, searching for things, and so on. They will receive a little amount of XP for that, which increases with the level of your residence.
  • With patch EA 0.9.16, we implemented Ambient Occlusion (AO) which enhances the engine's possibilities to cast shadows. You can switch AO off and on in the options.
Content and Balancing
  • We added an option with which you can enable/disable the camera following a selected character into interiors.
  • We implemented hotkeys for quick access to your party: H = your Avatar, J = left hand, K = right hand.
  • We included a new section about interiors in the in-game wiki.
  • We reworked the tutorial to include interiors.
  • When you are inside a residence with the camera, then you can hear the weather sounds muffled.

You can read more about the update here.

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