GTA Online Weekly Update: Gunrunning Sell Missions Handing Out Double Rewards

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It's all about gunrunning this week.
It's all about gunrunning this week. Rockstar Games

There’s no question that hoarding weapons, especially illegal ones, is truly dangerous. The risk may be high, but so is the reward. This week in GTA Online, Gunrunning Sell Missions are paying out double. What this means is that the demand is there so the question remains, will you be able to supply? In addition, Gunrunning Research Speed is also running 2X faster.

It’s worth noting that the one-time gift of GTA$500,000 is still available. All that needs to be done is to log-in to GTA Online at any point in May. Of course, if you have already received that sweet payout, don't expect another one this month.

For those who already got that already, it may be a good time to head on over to The Diamond Casino & Resort. The Lucky Wheel is offering the usual chance to win cash, RP, clothing, and more. However, the top prize this week is a sports car that’s so slim that you may just need to get on a crash diet just to fit in. It’s none other than the customized Grotti Itali GTO that’s been wrapped in Urban Racer livery.

Slim and fast.
Slim and fast. Rockstar Games

Moving over to discounts, drop by Ammu-Nation since it’s Sidearm Week. What does that mean? Simply put, all Pistols are free. Bunkers are also available at a discount this week. These are:

  • Bunkers – 40% off:
    • Paleto Forest
    • Raton Canyon
    • Chumash
    • Lago Zancudo
    • Chumash
    • Grapeseed
    • Route 68
    • Grand Senora Desert
    • Smoke Tree Road
    • Thomson Scrapyard
    • Farmhouse
  • Bunker Upgrades & Add-Ons – 30% off:
    • Bunker Styles
    • Personal Quarters
    • Shooting Range
    • Gun Locker
    • Transportation

There’s also the usual vehicle discounts and this week, GTA Online is offering:

  • Progen Emerus – 30% off
  • HVY Nightshark – 30% off
  • Överflöd Entity XXR – 40% off
  • Karin Sultan RS – 40% off

Before we move to Twitch Prime benefits, this week is also giving out Bunker Series Bonuses. Everyone knows that Los Santos is a surface-level place with half of the office space being dedicated to agents, plastic surgeons, and even the production of reality TV. Without a doubt, Los Santos is all about vanity and narcissism.

This means that the real action isn’t seen above, but under. Proof of this is the Bunker Series. Here firefights happen between two people in a confined space located miles under the surface. For those who take their chance and get the win, they can earn 2X GTA$ & RP.

Finally, this week Twitch Prime members get the Paleto Bay Arcade for free. In addition, they also get the Grotti Furia for 60% off and the Tula plane for a whopping 80% discount.

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