GTA Online Weekly Update: It’s All About Mobile Operations

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Ready to help Agent 14?
Ready to help Agent 14? Rockstar Games

So what’s happening this week in GTA Online? All Mobile Operations missions are handing out double GTA$ and RP rewards. It appears that Agent 14 is using Weaponized Vehicles in order to bring down rival operations and supply lines. For those who haven’t tried Gunrunning, just pick up a Bunker and a Mobile Operations Center. After that, head on over to the MOC’s Command Center in order to launch missions. You can also unlock new Mobile Operations by completing Resupply missions.

Speaking of Gunrunning, this week all Gunrunning Sell missions are also giving double pay. That means it’s time to arm yourself and offload some of that illicit cargo from your Bunker. Don’t worry though, as there are special discounts on Bunkers, MOCs, and even specialized vehicles.

Discounts offered for this week are:

  • Bunkers – 40% off
    • Paleto Forest Bunker
    • Raton Canyon Bunker
    • Lago Zancudo Bunker
    • Chumash Bunker
    • Grapeseed Bunker
    • Route 68 Bunker
    • Grand Senora Desert Bunker
    • Smoke Tree Road Bunker
    • Thomson Scrapyard Bunker
    • Farmhouse Bunker
  • Bunker Modifications – 30% off
    • Bunker Style
    • Personal Quarters
    • Shooting Range
    • Gun Locker
    • Transportation
  • Mobile Operations Center – 40% off
  • Mobile Operations Center Customizations – 35% off
    • Bays
    • Interior Color
    • Liveries
    • Weapons
  • Vehicles
    • Ocelot Stromberg – 30% off
    • Pegassi Infernus – 40% off
    • Coil Rocket Voltic – 40% off
    • Titan – 40% off

Going back to the topic of rewards, playing Survival Series this week also lets you earn double GTA$ and RP. It’s simple to launch the rolling playlist. You can use the Survival Series icon on the map or Quick Job function on your iFruit, You can even launch the Survival missions individually using the Jobs Menu.

What else can players expect this week? Those who play GTA Online between September 24 and September 30 get the Warstock Cache & Carry Cap.

All those missions may get you tired, so don’t forget to head on over to The Diamond Casino & Resort. Take your chances with the Lucky Wheel as the top prize this week is none other than the Declasse DR1.

We end this week’s update with offers for Prime Gaming. Members that play any time this week get GTA$200K. Prime members also receive:

  • The Vespucci Canals Nightclub location for free
  • 40% off the Yosemite Rancher
  • 70% off the Declasse Drift Yosemite

Finally, Prime Gaming members that link their Amazon account to their Rockstar Games Social Club account get a one-time bonus of GTA$1 million.

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