GTA Online Gets New Electric Car, Discounts This Week

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GTA Online has updated once again, adding a new vehicle Rockstar

GTA Online has updated once again, this time adding a new vehicle along with the usual discounts and bonus reward opportunities. However, unlike the past few weeks, there are no new game modes to try out.

The Coil Cyclone is now availabe at Legendary Motorsport in GTA Online Photo: Rockstar

The big news is the addition of the Coil Cyclone, pictured above. This take on a Tesla shows a sporty side to the environmentally friendly vehicle, without pushing it too far into supercar territory. No price was announced for the Cyclone, but the vehicle is available from Legendary Motorsport right now.

If you need some extra money to buy the Coil Cyclone, consider doing a Transform race or playing a round of Motor Wars. Both game modes will earn players double the GTA$ and RP. Additionally, players can earn double the GTA$ by acting as a Bodyguard or Associate and completing jobs for your CEO from now through Nov. 20.

If you’re looking to save some cash while still buying new items and upgrades, the following are all discounted by 25 percent through Nov. 20:


Biker Clubhouse Customizations

Biker Business Upgrades


Anti-Aircraft Trailer (Buy It Now & Trade Price)

Gunrunning Tattoos


Ultralight (Buy It Now & Trade price)

Aircraft Weapons


Assault Rifles

Sniper Rifles


Technical Aqua (Buy It Now & Trade price)

Turreted Limo

Like always, there’s also a new Premium Race and Time Trial to compete in. This week’s Premium Race is the Zebra stunt race, which is locked to Sports vehicles. The Time Trial race is Mount Gordo. Place in the top three in the Premium Race for triple the GTA$ and RP rewards and beat the par time for the Mount Gordo Time Trial to earn extra GTA$ and RP rewards. The Premium Race can be started through the Quick Jobs app on your in-game cell phone, while the Time Trial must be traveled to if you want to compete.

So what do you think? Are you excited to get behind the wheel of the new Coil Cyclone? What do you hope is included in the next update? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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