GTA Online Challenges You to Take on The Cluckin' Bell Farm Raid

Who says you can't earn money while giving out justice? Rockstar Games

Today in GTA Online marks that the start of the The Cluckin' Bell Farm Raid. In this newest update, players are asked to take down an illegal narcotics operation that's hiding behind one of the biggest fast-food processing plants in the nation. It's playable completely solo or done with up to three other players.

All of these starts with an individual named Vincent Effenburger. He was formerly the Head of Security at The Diamond Casino & Resort and has now discarded his mall cop uniform and put on a Los Santos Police Department badge and gun. The problem is that the corruption that lies in the LSPD runs deep. Vincent has decided that he no longer wants to fetch coffee for those crooked cops.

What is he planning to do? It turns out he wants to stick it to the city's mercenary police force but in his own way. He has received information that a drug cartel is planning to move imported cocaine from the facilities of Cluckin' Bell in Paleto Bay. He's also learned that the LSPD has agreed to turn a blind eye to this particular exchange in return for a cut of the action.

To prepare for this operation, players need to have a slush fund of laundered money and get their preferred weapons and gear. They'll also need to get intel on the inner workings of the facilities on the farm. Once everything is ready, that means it's now time to infiltrate Cluckin' Bell's factory farm. Once they manage to get away with the haul, players get to increase their own notoriety while knocking down both the cartel and the corrupt law enforcement officers a few pegs down.

By the way, those able to successfully complete The Cluckin' Bell Farm Raid this week also get an extra GTA$100,000 along with the Cluckin' Bell Cap. Taking on this mission also gives players the chance to get their hands on the Bravado Gauntlet Interceptor. This Law Enforcement Vehicle comes with additional muscle that's been crammed under the hood for improved pursuit capabilities. To unlock access to this vehicle, players need to complete the introduction of The Cluckin' Bell Farm Raid as a Leader. If they manage to complete the Raid's Finale as Leader, then they get to unlock the Gauntlet Interceptor's Trade Price.

Do you have what it takes to take on the raid?

GTA Online is available for the PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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