Grounded Patch 1.2.2 Celebrates Broodmother's Day; New Boss, Equipment, and Bug Fixes

Grounded Patch 1.2.2 Steam/Obsidian

Grounded, the co-op survival game by Obsidian Entertainment, may have left its early access state but that doesn't mean its support has ended. Some might argue that it has ramped up.

The developer revealed the details of the latest update. Patch 1.2.2 brought brand-new content, bug fixes, and general improvements. Full Broodmother Equipment Set has been added along with an additional effect for Broodmother Mutation. Players can also purchase the May Sign Set from the Science Shop.

Infected Broodmother is the new boss that you can fight against with your friends. The developer also added new equipment and buildings that should make the battle a bit easier. The highlights of the update are mentioned below.

  • Full Broodmother Equipment Set
    • Additional armor recipes have been added for you to craft to complete the Hedge Broodmother armor set:
      • Chest of the Mother Demon
      • Greaves of the Mother Demon
  • Broodmother Mutation Additional Effect
    • The Mom Genes mutation will now also increase all poison damage you deal by a large amount, on top of allowing you to summon spiderlings to fight alongside you.
  • May Sign Set
    • During the month of May, a new May Sign Set will be purchasable at the Science Shop related to Spring and the allergies that come with it.
  • New Boss: Infected Broodmother
    • The Infected Broodmother lays hidden, deep in the bowels of the Haze, waiting for a poor soul to set her free.
    • This new epic boss is a permanent addition to the game (not just for the Month of May) and will test your backyard skills to the limit.
  • New Equipment
    • Full equipment set related to the Infected Broodmother
    • 1 new weapon to craft
    • 1 new trinket to obtain
  • New Achievement
    • 1 New Achievement for killing the Infected Broodmother
  • New Buildings
    • Infected Broodmother Throne
    • Infected Broodmother Brazier
    • Stuffed Infected Broodmother
    • Infected Broodmother Wall Mount

As mentioned above, the patch also goes after a few dozen bugs and issues. You can read about them in great detail via the official site. Players can purchase Grounded from Steam for only $29.99.

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