GRIME: Patch 1.03 Addresses In-Game Stuttering and More


GRIME, a newly released side-scrolling action-adventure RPG, has received an update just days after its launch. The patch fixes numerous bugs and adds quality-of-life improvements, among others.

Developer Clover Bite acknowledges that many players have been experiencing periodic stuttering while playing, where the game feels like running below 60 frames per second.

Major Bugs Squashed

Patch 1.03 introduces a potential fix that will likely make the stuttering problem occur less often. For those who have experienced some stuttering even after the update, it is best to let the devs know so that they can come up with a permanent solution.

Yarden Weissbrot, game director for GRIME, said that they will continually monitor this issue until it is resolved.

Other major bugs have also been fixed in this patch, including the issue where controllers do not function as intended, controllers blocking the cursor to appear when it should, and Harmless Rockgiant’s head not being vulnerable to increased damage.

Quality of Life Improvements

The game provides players with a lot of different weapons. The problem is that some have pretty high stat requirements, which would lead to some people being unable to equip them.

The developers have heard the community and taken the steps to reduce the stat requirements of the weapons that can be used in the early game. This is to help players try out more weapons at the beginning, so they will know which one to use and where to allocate their stat points moving forward.

Also, players may have been accidentally wasting their consumables because they are auto-equipped by default. This patch just makes it so that the consumables will now have to be put in the action slot manually.

Minor Bugs

As mentioned earlier, those playing the game with a controller may experience an issue where the mouse cursor will not be visible even when moving the mouse.

However, there is also an issue where the mouse cursor is always visible, even though it shouldn’t be. The devs have implemented a potential fix, though players may still experience this from time to time.

There is also an improvement where the inventory character preview appears in better detail even when players set the game’s graphical settings to the lowest quality.

You check the complete patch notes on Steam. GRIME is available on PC.

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