Grim Dawn: Faction Items Buffed in New Update

Update v1.1.9.8 Crate Entertainment

Developers of Grim Dawn do not release updates that often but when they do, they make sure that the patch will leave a lasting impression. True enough, the recently deployed Update v1.1.9.8 brought a ton of gameplay improvements, balancing changes, and features to the game to make it even more enticing to play.

Update v1.1.9.8 has buffed a bunch of faction items, most notably Blazerush. Blazerush is a legendary two-handed mace that players can purchase from the Coven's Refuge, the first friendly faction in the Ashes of Malmouth expansion.

Blazerush received significant adjustments in this patch. First, this weapon now deals base fire damage further magnified by stacking physical or lightning damage due to its innate conversion. Plus, players can whack enemies quickly thanks to its increased attack speed.

Another faction item buffed heavily in this patch is Reaver's Hunger. This legendary amulet from the Barrowholm faction now increases Dread, Sigil of Consumption, Shadow Strike, and Nidalla's Justifiable Ends by three skill levels. On top of that, the vitality damage modifier for Sigil of Consumption got a slight increase from 70 to 80. This amulet is now an appealing option for those who want to use the Nightblade mastery, particularly builds that specialize in dealing vitality damage.

Here are the other faction items adjusted in this patch:

  • Bloodrender: increased bonuses to Reaping Strike and Savagery to +3 and added 45% of Pierce dealt as Vitality. Increased Vitality damage modifiers for Savagery and Whirling Death to 45 and 220, respectively.
  • Bloodsurge: added 84% Pierce damage
  • Bysmiel Arcane Spaulders: added % Elemental Dot damage
  • Bysmiel's Grasp: increased Cold damage modifiers for Summon Briarthorn and Conjure Primal Spirit to 70 and 90, respectively
  • Bysmiel's Mindweaver: added modifiers for Iskandra's Elemental Exchange. Increased Burn/Frostburn/Electrocute damage modifiers for Summon Familiar and Summon Hellhound to 75 / 2s.
  • Corruptian: stats redesigned to better support its modifiers
  • Coven Headcrusher: added % Elemental Dot damage
  • Coven Mark of the Arcane: added % Elemental Dot damage
  • Coven Spellweaver: added % Elemental Dot dmage and % Elemental Dot duration
  • Dreeg's Arcane Vestments: added % Elemental Dot damage
  • Dreeg Venomspine Girdle: replaced Poison Retaliation with Acid Retaliation
  • Dreeg Venomspine Waistguard: replaced Poison Retaliation with Acid Retaliation
  • Malmouth Arcane Seal: added % Elemental Dot damage
  • Mark of the Farseer: added 16 Bleed damage / 3s
  • Slith Venom: replaced Poison Retaliation with Acid Retaliation
  • Solael Vile Girdle: added 12% Bleed Resist
  • Solael Vile Waistguard: added 16% Bleed Resist
  • Stormbringer of Malmouth: added 20% Stun Resist and 30% Stun Resist for pets
  • The Desolator: added 12% Damage Reduction / 6s modifier for Flashbang and increased Radius modifier for Bursting Round to 1.5
  • The Overseer: added 70 Defensive Ability
  • Venomfire: added +1s Duration modifier for Blackwater Cocktail
  • Wendigo Spellweaver Mask: added % Elemental Dot damage
  • Word of Solael: increased Vitality Decay damage modifier for Bloody Pox to 200 / 1s
  • Wrathguard: increased Pierce damage on the granted skill

So, what can you say about the newly buffed faction items in Grim Dawn Update v1.1.9.8?

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