GridIron Update New Reporting System, New Visual Stances, and Bug Fixes

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1336Studios, developer of GridIron, just released a new update that adds some cool new features. A new reporting system is now available and reports carry penalties based on voice or text communication mutes. These penalties can result in a reported player’s match cooldowns or even game bans. This feature has been implemented to reduce the number of toxic players.

The new visual stances allow players to select stances based on the position being played, such as Offensive Linemen will use the 3-point stance and Defensive Linemen will use the 4-point stance. The developers have also made several minor changes along with some bug fixes, which can be found in the patch notes.

GridIron Update

Balance Changes

  • Shields no longer block your own teammates.
  • Added a little bit of control to your character while in the air.
  • Added the ability to jump out of a slide resulting in a carry of horizontal momentum into the jump.
  • Added the ability to dive out of a slide.
  • Reduced the distance of a dive.
  • Increased the speed of diving.
  • Dive no longer uses or requires stamina.
  • Removed the ability for Defensive linemen to free roam on defense. The secondary is still allowed to free roam when that option is enabled.
  • Added ineligible receivers to the competitive custom match ruleset.

General Changes

  • Added a mercy rule that prevents the clock from stopping if the game is in a blowout.
  • Moved the goalpost back further so that players can't collide with it during play.
  • Added a whistle at the end of each play.
  • Added persistence to the chat channel you were last using.
  • Disabled the AFK timer if the game is paused.
  • Added the ability to change quarter length in custom matches.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a bug causing extra plays to run after the clock has reached 0:00.
  • Fixed a bug where a punting team touches the ball they punted in the end zone and forces the other team to start the next play inside the end zone.
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause the ball to curve after it was thrown.
  • Fixed incorrect spelling of Offense in the scoreboard.
  • Fixed a bug where the clock was not stopping on change of possession.
  • Fixed a bug causing a change of possession on third down when the quarter changes.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed a team to call a timeout at the end of halftime and gave the offense the ball for an offensive play instead of kicking off.

You can read more about the update here.

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