‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 13 Episode 17 Premiere: Watch ‘Till I Hear It From You’ Online

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Owen and Amelia play with puppies. ABC

On Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 episode 17, which airs at 8 p.m. EDT, one relationship could begin, while another might end. Meredith and Nathan Riggs have been flirting since late Season 12 and even slept together once, but Meredith has refused to pursue anything further with him.

However, there may be a turning point for the couple. In an episode 17 sneak peek, Meredith tells Riggs that she has to give her a reason to want to be with him. A promo also shows Meredith directing Riggs to ask out on a date.

This would be Meredith’s first relationship since Derek died. In Grey’s Anatomy time it is likely a bit over two years since Derek passed away. We know that at least one year passed when Meredith moved away from Seattle with her children to grieve after Derek’s death, and at least another year has passed since she was attacked by a patient in Season 12 and recovered from her injuries. During that time Riggs came back to the United States

Meredith notes that Nathan isn’t very well liked among many of her friends and associates at the hospital. There was also the time when Meredith’s sister Maggie had a crush on Nathan while Nathan was developing feelings for Meredith. Overall, it should be interesting to see what happens if the two progress their relationship.

Meanwhile, Amelia has been avoiding her husband Owen for several episodes but is now in closer contact with him since returning to work at Grey Sloan Memorial. Amelia has been avoiding Owen ever since she realized she does not want to have children when he does. Earlier in season 13, Amelia thought she was pregnant. When she learned that she wasn’t she was jarred by Owen’s disappointment. However, instead of talking to him, she ran, indicating she wanted to end their marriage, and has been hiding out at Stephanie’s apartment until recently.

An episode 17 sneak peek shows Owen trying to talk to Amelia, but she continues to shut him out. The situation is quite similar to his previous marriage to Cristina Yang, in which he wanted children and she did not. Her purposefully ending a pregnancy lead to the end of their relationship and Cristina moving away from Seattle.However, at this time, Amelia will hardly even address Owen for them to decide whether or not they should end their marriage.

Will Amelia and Owen stay together? We will find out during Grey's Anatomy Season 13 episode 17, "Till I Hear It From You," which is best viewed on television or live online through ABC Live.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 episode 17 premieres at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

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