Greg Poehler's 'You Me Her' Is Charming And Thought Provoking, But Will Anyone Watch It?

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The cast of You Me Her
The cast of You Me Her Audience Network

While the South by Southwest festival primarily showcases films, several episodic television series have been featured as well. The talk around town this year was a couple of shows from AMC, Outcast and Preacher. While most TV fans flocked to these screenings, there was another gem that debuted at SXSW as well.

You Me Her comes from creator/showrunner John Scott Sheperd and stars Greg Poehler, the younger brother of Amy Poehler. Take a look at the official synopsis of You Me Her:

“You Me Her,” television's first "polyromantic comedy," infuses the grounded and relatable sensibilities of an indie rom-com with a distinctive twist. What begins as an impulsive “date” between suburban husband Jack (Greg Poehler, “Welcome to Sweden”) and neophyte escort Izzy (Priscilla Faia, “Rookie Blue”) spins into a whirlwind three-way affair including Jack’s wife Emma (Rachel Blanchard, “Fargo”), who’s been keeping secrets of her own. Their “arrangement” soon breaks free of its financial bonds to become something else entirely – a real romance with real stakes involving three real people – confronting viewers with a compelling question: What if your best, truest, happiest life looked nothing like you thought it would? Would you be brave enough to live it?

You Me Her can lean a little too hard on its “rom-com” genre at times, but its premise is genuinely thought provoking. Through the first two episodes scerened at SXSW, You Me Her appears to exploit its loaded concept from a variety of angles - romantically, socially and professionally. And though these ideas may seem like heavy themes to ponder, the show maintains a light, easy-going tone that makes it easy to binge-watch in one sitting.

If You Me Her streamed on Netflix, it would be hit. Its odds to succeed would remain high even on network television. Unfortunately, however, You Me Her will make its home on DirecTV’s Audience Network. The platform is only available to DirecTV subscribers, and even they probably don’t know of the Audience Network’s existence. So then, who will watch this TV show?

It’s a shame, considering the quality of You Me Her, but perhaps it will serve as a resume builder for Poehler (who is relatively new to acting) and launch him to a bigger stage.

You Me Her premiered at the South by Southwest festival on March 15. Stay tuned to iDigitalTimes for continuing coverage of SXSW 2016.

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