The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles Finally Coming to the US

Can I get a "YES!"
Can I get a "YES!" Capcom

Good news Ace Attorney fans! The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles is finally arriving on US shores on July 27. Not only that, the game offers newly recorded English voices. It’s set to arrive on PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

Players can enjoy the game along with The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures and The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve through a collection that’s priced at $39.99. There’s also a digital bundle that offers The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles and the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy for $59.99.

For those not familiar, the Ace Attorney series is a courtroom adventure game centered around the protagonist Phoenix Wright. However, The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles is set to offer a new experience since players get to meet the ancestor of the protagonist.

The game follows the story of Ryunosuke Naruhodo during the Meiji Period of Japan and the Victorian era of England. That means it’s set sometime in the 19th century. Like his descendant, Ryunosuke works to clear his clients in court but uncovering the truth in the testimonies of witnesses. A total of 10 exciting cases will let players meet several over-the-top characters including a local detective by the name of Herlock Sholmes.

Same as the games in the series, the lawyer skills of players are tested from gathering evidence, questioning key witnesses, and of course, defending their clients. But there are two new gameplay elements that everyone can look forward to.

The first is the Dance of Deduction. Here, players team with detective Sholmes as they investigate the case further. Eventually, players get to realize that Sholmes has a tendency to go overboard. The objective is to identify the mistake and reveal more facts.

The second takes players back to the courtroom with Summation Examinations. In this one, they must pick out the juror discrepancies to get that “Not Guilty” decision. These two new features should make the game even more interesting, particularly in the investigation phase and courtroom fights.

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles also offers exciting bonus content, such as eight extra mini-episodes and three alternate costumes. Then, there’s the Art Gallery and Auditorium where fans can take a closer look at the artwork, music, and voice recordings.

Are you ready for the courtroom battle of your life?

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