Gravity Rush Movie Confirmed in Development

Anna Maestro to handle directorial duties.
A Gravity Rush movie is confirmed to be in development.
A Gravity Rush movie is confirmed to be in development. PlayStation Productions

In a new report, a Gravity Rush movie is confirmed in development at PlayStation Productions with Scott Free Productions. Gravity Rush is a game that first made waves as a PlayStation Vita title released in 2012, developed in-house by Japan Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment.

According to the exclusive report, Anna Maestro, best known for her work on Secret Society of Second Born Royals, will serve as the adaptation’s director. Scripting duties will be handled by Emily Jerome. Jerome currently has a film in production called Panopticon which stars Anthony Mackie.

Gravity Rush remains one of the more underrated titles in the PlayStation catalog, mostly because it was first released on the ultimately less-than commercially successful PlayStation Vita. It resurfaced into popularity following the release of Gravity Rush Remastered by Bluepoint Games, launched on PlayStation 4 in 2016. A sequel, Gravity Rush 2, was also released in 2017.

Happening in the fictional town of Hekseville and placing a very large focus on the concept of gravity, Gravity Rush features the story of Kat, a young amnesiac woman who suddenly finds herself waking up in the town. Heksevill is a floating city around a structure called the World Pillar. Kat is also accompanied by a cat named Dusty. When a boy suddenly gets caught up in a gravity storm in the area, Kat finds that Dusty can manipulate how gravity affects her, allowing her to help the city’s denizens in various ways.

That said, her idyllic life in Hekseville takes a sudden turn as the mysteries behind her powers are slowly but surely revealed. As one of the “Shifters,” or a person who has the ability to manipulate gravity, Kat is drawn into a battle against the mysterious Nevi and other dangerous individuals and threats. Over time, Kat figures out her past and true nature while also setting up events that eventually lead to the second game, Gravity Rush 2.

Gravity Rush’s adaptation is the latest in a slew of movie announcements for PlayStation Productions. The company’s upcoming titles include Gran Turismo, Ghost of Tsushima, Jak and Daxter, and Days Gone. Earlier this year, an adaptation of Uncharted was released to mixed reviews worldwide.

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