Gotham Knights Red Hood Trailer Introduces the Intense Vigilante

Jason Todd, reborn, finds himself in a Gotham without Batman.
gotham knights red hood
WB Games Montreal has released the last character trailer for Gotham Knights, and this one features Red Hood, a violent antihero with a troubled past. Warner Bros. Games

Following the unveiling of the character profile for Batgirl a few weeks ago at SDCC 2022, Warner Bros. Games and developer WB Games Montreal released the final character trailer for Gotham Knights, and what a note to end it on. Red Hood, the once-villain turned antihero, is one of the playable characters in Gotham Knights, featuring his brutal style of hand-to-hand and gun-assisted combat. Check out the character trailer for the Red Hood below.

Red Hood is the alias of Jason Todd, a hotheaded and violent vigilante sporting a tragic past. Once known as the second person to take up the mantle of Robin, Jason found himself dead at the hands of the Joker following A Death in the Family, one of the most popular Batman arcs of all time. However, he has since been resurrected following an experience in the Lazarus Pit, a mysterious source of energy that gives Ra’s al Ghul, one of Batman’s most notorious villains, his immortality and power.

This resurrection does come at a cost, however, as it has been known to render those who tap into it insane. In the following months since his revival, Jason Todd as the Red Hood sowed chaos as a violent antihero who’s also hellbent on taking revenge on Batman for abandoning him to his death. But it appears they have since resolved their differences in this game’s universe, with Red Hood fulfilling his duties in a manner in line with Batman’s strict set of beliefs. For one, he does not kill and he works alongside Nightwing, Batgirl, and Robin to protect Gotham following Batman’s supposed death.

In Gotham Knights, Red Hood has also seemingly gained mysterious powers after tapping into the Lazarus Pit. He can use a mysterious force as momentum to propel himself forward and upward, making this his primary form of movement and engagement. He can also utilize this power against his foes, combined with his peak human strength, thanks to Batman’s training, Red Hood is one of the most powerful heroes that Gotham’s villains will face in the wake of Batman’s death.

Gotham Knights is coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store on October 25. Check out the first 16 minutes of gameplay here.

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