Google Earth Kraken Coordinates Reveal The Monstrous Truth

The Kraken has emerged off the coast of Antarctica.
The Kraken has emerged off the coast of Antarctica. Walt Disney Studios

In the waters between the extreme tip of South America and Chile’s permanently staffed General Bernardo O’Higgins Antarctic base lies a chain of islands, with the crooked torus of Deception Island anchoring this ragged continental outcrop. At 63 degrees 2’56.73” South and 60 degrees 57’32.38” West lies a big ol’ jagged rock named, appropriately, Sail Rock.

But wouldn’t it be better if it were a kraken or some sort of sea monster? So why the hell not? According to the Daily Mail , Sail Rock is actually a 120 meter long giant squid.

Other theories worming their way up from dumbass corners of the internet include the possibility that we’re looking at a plesiosaur or maybe the Loch Ness monster. For some reason UFO Sightings Daily is also onboard with the kraken theory, which works, since a giant space squid seems more plausible than any terrestrial explanation.

Here’s a picture of the kraken from Google Earth:

the Google Earth kraken.
the Google Earth kraken. Google Earth

And here’s Snopes’ breakdown , in case you were still on the fence.

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