The Golf Club 2 Server Issues: HB Studios Gives Fans In-Game Currency Due To Online Problems

The Golf Club 2
The Golf Club 2 HB Studios

HB Studios’ The Golf Club 2 has been plagued with significant issues regarding online play since the game’s release on June 27. The bright side of this situation is how HB Studios have been very active on the game’s Twitter feed, informing fans of the issues every day and what they are doing to fix the problems.

HB Studios released a statement on Twitter concerning the issues and where they stand with the problems inside of The Golf Game 2. They also announced a “make-good” for fans who have stayed with the game throughout the issues.

The team at HB Studios has been working diligently to resolve the server issues that have been reported. We would like to thank you for your patience and are happy to say that we have optimized the servers reducing the disconnection issues.

We have addressed an issue blocking some users from sometimes accessing Career or Societies. We will be continuing to monitor and optimize the server usage as we move forward.

Out of appreciation we will be adding 5000 coins to all active users accounts over the weekend, thanks again and we will see you on the course.

Similar to Sony’s make-good to fans of MLB The Show 17 due to its server issues, HB Studios took the same approach. The extra 5000 coins give fans a little incentive to stick around through the issues. While the bonus is great for the fans, HB Studios has only bought themselves a little extra time to fix the servers, but not much. They have to find the issue fast and fix it because the in-game currency will not keep fans around forever.

Do you play The Golf Club 2? How are you dealing with the server issues? Let us know in our comment section.

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