Golden Bros Early Access Starts April 28

Excited about the game?
Excited about the game? Netmarble

For those looking to learn more about the upcoming casual shooting game Golden Bros, there's a bit of good news. Developer Netmarble is inviting everyone to Early Access beginning April 28. Meanwhile, those who are able to join Early Access can get exclusive points (eGBP) by equipping costumes acquired during the presales. This gives players unlimited durability during the Early Access period and lets them enjoy the crypto battles as many times as they wish. There's also a special reward waiting for those who join Early Access. By the way, players able to achieve a certain League or higher have the chance to receive Jennifer’s Classic Grade Costume.

In addition to Early Access, presales are happening for two days for boxes that include limited edition costumes and Collection Cards. The schedule and number of boxes available are:

  • April 25
    • 10,000 GB SugarSugar Mystery Box
  • April 27
    • 10,000 GB Master Kung Mystery Box
    • 10,000 GB Braine Newey Mystery Box

This is not the first presale and the reason why it's being done again is that the previous ones exceeded expectations. In fact, Golden Bros GB Gregory Mystery Boxes and GB Jennifer Mystery Boxes were sold out during the last presale.

Roadmap 2022

For those interested to know more about what's happening during the development stage, take a look at the roadmap:

  • Q1 2022
    • March: Presale begins
  • ​Q2 2022
    • April: Early access unlocks
    • May: Grand Launch
    • NFT Trading added
    • Action Parts (NFT) added
    • Collection cards (NFT) added
    • New costumes added
  • Q3 2022
    • Collection Card Boxes Added
    • New Bros added
    • Ranked Battles Added
    • Action Parts Fusion
  • Q4 2022
    • New heroes added
    • Ranked Battles Cheering Added
    • New event modes added

Golden Bros offers 3v3 real-time combat for PC, Android, and iOS players. The game is both free-to-play and play-to-earn. It boasts of having players easily jump into the game through easy control and intuitive combat rules. There are also different maps where players need to come up with different strategies. Golden Bros is one of the games Netmarble is releasing on PC. The first is Overprime, the studio's attempt at the MOBA genre. The second is the battle royale TPS Squad Battle.

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